What's in my Graze Box? #1

Ever since I was little I've been a snacker, instead of having big main meals I like to graze throughout the day, I always seem to be hungry. This can often lead to me having far too many sugary snacks so to me it makes so much sense to treat myself to a graze box every now and then. Graze box is a healthy way to snack during the day, it offers all sorts of snacks for you to try, including some sweet treats! You can sign up and choose how often you want your box delivered and also go through all the goodies they offer and rate them as either bin, try, like, love or send soon. You can do this before your first delivery to make sure you don't get sent anything you won't like and after your deliveries so you can rate what you tried. The nibblebox which contains 4 snacks only costs £3.89 and their are no delivery costs so you can try healthy snacks for under £4!

They also now do a breakfast box and a box for kids, there's lots of information about them on the website!

I'm getting graze boxes more regularly now so I thought it would be nice to share what I get in my box each time and tell you what I think of the snacks inside! 

Smoky Chipotle Dip with Rosemary Bread sticks
This was the first thing that caught my eye when I opened my box, I adore having bread sticks with a nice dip so this is perfect for me. When I opened the little pot the smell that greeted me was amazing and the dip really didn't disappoint. It is smoky, not spicy and it compliments the rosemary bread sticks well. The portion size is really good as well, there was just the right amount of everything in there. I think this snack is definitely my favourite this time, it's now been marked as 'love!'

Sour Cream and Garlic Crostini 
This snack is the most simple out of all 4 that I received yet it was one of the snacks that I most enjoyed. It is composed of garlic crostini and sour cream and onion cashews. I really enjoyed the crostini the most, the garlic wasn't too strong and it was really nice as an afternoon snack, it stopped me from having some nutella on toast! The cashews were just as nice and very different to anything I've had before, the sour cream and onion flavour was perhaps a tiny bit too strong for my liking but not by much. Again I marked this one as 'love!'

Caramel and Peanut Track & Field
This was the only snack that disappointed me out of the 4 that I received. When I first saw it I thought it would be great to have one afternoon whilst writing up some posts as it is a simple snack that you can eat slowly. It's made up of caramel milk chocolate buttons, peanuts, fudge and raisins. The two elements that I thought I would most enjoy, the chocolate and fudge, are what let this down for me. Neither tasted right, they weren't horrible but they weren't like the chocolate and fudge I usually eat. Obviously don't let my taste buds put you off wanting to try this snack though as we all enjoy different things, this one just wasn't for me though so I've set it as 'bin.'

Cookies & Cream
I know I've already said the chipotle dip and bread sticks are my favourite but I can have 2 favourites, right? When ordering my graze box I clicked 'send soon' on this snack so I was very happy to see that it had been sent very soon. This snack had mini cookies, white chocolate, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds in. The mini cookies were so good and if graze sold a pack of them on their own I'd buy quite a few! The chocolate, nuts and seeds were a nice addition but the cookies definitely stole the show, no surprise that this has been set to 'love!'

I am more than happy with my graze box and will definitely continue to get them every now and then! If you want to try one for yourself use my code to get your 1st, 5th and 10th box for free: SHONAC1HB

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you try graze box for yourself!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I love graze I always used to get them but since I've moved I've not started back up again just don;t think I've got back round to it, those sour cream and chive ones sound delicious! x

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty & Lifestlye Blog!

    1. I always seem to get them for a few months and then stop for a bit and then start up again haha! xx

  2. Love graze boxes! My favourite has gotta be their little rice crackers! Wish the little boxes were bigger!!! xx

    1. I'm hoping to get some of the rice crackers next time, my Mum is wanting to try them as well! xx

  3. I did enjoy my graze boxes but I thought they were a little expensive for how much you got and how often they were delivered (although since I stopped mine I think they've made it much more flexible for how often you have them). Also I'm quite picky and don't like things like nuts, seeds and white chocolate and when I binned everything that contained something I didn't like it actually warned me I didn't really have enough things left to make it worth having! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I think a while back I stopped getting them because there wasn't much choice of how often you can get a box but yes it is a lot more flexible now so I'm only getting one, max 2 a month, as they aren't the cheapest of snacks but it's a nice treat :) x