Life Update | The Future

Recently I've been spending a lot of time thinking about the future, the near future mainly. My whole education situation was turned upside down half way through my GCSEs and until now I'll be honest I haven't had the best feelings towards going back to do my A Levels again. It's been a year now since I finished my GCSEs and apart from the couple of months that I was at sixth form for that was the last time I was at school learning. One year has knocked all the enthusiasm out of me and I've got another year of recovering and getting my life back on track until I head to college. I've been worried that by the time that comes around I just won't want to go.

To try and combat that I've been doing a lot of research into what I want to do at college and possibly university. A week ago I was set on doing a college course that enabled me to become a teaching assistant but I now know that I definitely want to go one step further and become a primary school teacher. I've always wanted to work with kids and since a day of work experience at a special needs school back in year 7 the idea of becoming a teacher makes me really happy.

I would have figured this out earlier but I've always said that I wasn't sure about going to university, mainly due to the social aspect of it. I think I'm definitely ready to look past that though, no one is going to force me to go out drinking every weekend.

So the college course is going out of the window and instead I plan to leave my old school and head to the local college to do 4 A Levels. I'm hoping to do Photography, Sociology, English Language and Philosophy. I did 2 of them when I first attempted to start my A Levels last year so I will have a bit of a head start! Then if all goes well and I get the grades I hope to head off to the University of Hertfordshire and complete a Primary Education Degree. In between all that I'd love to get a job and do some work experience in schools, my Mum works in a school so that should be pretty easy to do!

At the moment I'm feeling really positive about the near future, I like to plan things out so I feel a lot better now knowing that I have something to work towards! I hope this post wasn't boring, I really wanted to share something positive as I seem to always go on about hospital appointments, operations etc. I thought it would be a good change!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x