My Scoliosis Surgery/Recovery | 6 Months Post Op

I'm now 6 months post op and I have a lot to update you on! I can't believe that it's been half a year, or just about anyway, since I was in hospital recovering from spinal fusion. These last 6 months have been interesting and I've learnt a lot about myself and people around me. Before I get really deep though I think I'll just update you all on how I'm doing.

I wasn't entirely sure if I was going to share everything because of people in the past accusing me of just wanting attention but I really don't care now, writing these posts helps me and other scoliosis sufferers have said they help them!

At my 3 month post op appointment I felt like the doctor I saw (he wasn't my surgeon) didn't really believe me and didn't think anything was wrong so I was sure the MRI wouldn't show anything and I'd be sent away to get on with my life. Part of me is very glad this wasn't the case as it is easier to treatment something rather than nothing but also there is the human reaction still inside of me which hates getting not so fun news!

As some of you may know I also have Marfan's Syndrome, which is the reason why I had/have Scoliosis. During the past few months my Mum and I (she also has the condition) have been looking at something which we were sure explained my leg pain. I didn't want us to be right but we were and the MRI showed that I have something called dural ectasia. It's when the dura (it sits around the spinal cord) balloons causing anything from headaches to numbness and leg pain. Also the MRI showed that this has caused my lower lumbar vertebrae to be worn down which obviously isn't great. I'm being sent for a CT scan though to rule out anything else that could be causing my leg pain but at the moment it seems that the most likely answer is that the surgery disturbed the dural ectasia which has caused the problems I'm having. We solved one problem but set off another! There is no specific treatment for dural ectasia but hopefully the doctor (I saw a nicer one this time!) will talk us through any options that might help ease my pain a little after I've had the CT scan. I've tried painkillers but unfortunately I've been on the strongest painkillers below morphine for so long now that they don't do anything.

I'm not going to lie I am worried about the future, I have always understood Marfan's Syndrome but the seriousness of it never really sinks in until problems start cropping up left right and centre!

Sorry to have a bit of a negative post but I've always been honest on here, no point telling you all that everything is OK and I'll be up and about in no time. This blog has always been a place for me to vent and talk as well as sharing product reviews and my oufits.

Just want to say thank you for all your support as well, I barely leave my home because of the pain so I really don't know what I'd do without my blog or all my friends I've made through blogging <3

Shona x


  1. I'm fairly new to your blog but find your journey etc really inspiring. I don't think it seems as if you are looking for attention at all! Its lovely that you can be so open and honest I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate it :) Keep smiling lovely xx


  2. Sorry to hear that your in pain Shona :( Glad you've gotten a nicer Dr though, I know how it feels to not feel the DR is taking you seriously and just sees you as another walking clipboard! Hopefully they can sort something out for you soon xx

    1. Most of the doctors I see are lovely but unfortunately it only takes one for you to start doubting yourself, I started asking myself whether the pain was actually there or if I was making it up to be worse than it is because the previous doctor seemed to think there was nothing wrong! xx

  3. God you're amazing Shona! I really admire your strength and determination. I so hope things pick up again for you soon xxx

    1. Thank you so much Gemma, that really means a lot, I've got a follow up appointment at the start of July so hopefully things will get better after that xxx