Makeup Revolution The One Foundation + Concealer | Review

Makeup Revolution are one of the newest beauty brands around at the moment and us beauty bloggers seem to be going crazy over them. It reminds me of when MUA were starting to get more popular, everyone and their Mum wanted their products, including myself. I'm all for a low budget brand so I'm very happy to have a few of the bargain products in my collection. I've already tried out and reviewed one of their £1 lipsticks, read my review here, I wasn't overly impressed but these face products have proven to be a lot better.

The One Concealer in Medium* | £3 | buy here

This £3 concealer immediately reminded me of the Benefit Fake Up concealer which is over £15 more expensive than this. I've got the shade Medium which is the 2nd darkest shade, I think I'd definitely be more suited to the lightest shade but this isn't obviously too dark for my skin so I've still been able to try it out over the past few weeks. It claims to cover dark circles and imperfections whilst giving your skin a hydration boost. The moisturising outer ring is designed to prevent creasing whilst hydrating your skin. It's definitely moisturising but even though I have dry skin I do find that it feels a little too moisturising and almost slippery. The texture meant the actual concealer didn't stay on very long at all unfortunately, maybe a couple of hours max. The concealer itself provides a light-medium coverage, just the right amount for myself. When my skin is feeling very dry this does come in handy but I think I'll probably be putting it away during Summer and reaching for it more in Winter. I think if you suffer from really dry skin this will be perfect for you and at only £3 it is worth trying. It's not a thumbs down or a thumbs up from me when it comes to this concealer.

The One Foundation* | £4 | buy here

Shade 7, Shade 3 and Shade 2

This is the foundation to match the concealer in the range and again this reminds me of another product, the MAC face and body foundation which I haven't personally tried myself. If you want to see how the two products compare to each other though head on over to Adrienne's blog where she talks more about the similarities and differences between the two.

I have to start off by mentioning the very impressive shade range consisting of 16 shades, hopefully there is a shade for everyone. I struggle to find foundation that suit my skin tone, I'm not the palest girl out there but things like my freckles make it difficult to match a foundation to my skin, most high street foundations are orange as well which doesn't make things easier! I found Shade 7 was definitely too dark for my skin but I've been using Shade 3 and Shade 2 together which has been working quite well for me.

One thing that I noticed about this foundation is that it is quite watery and you have to give it a really good shake before you use it. I've never used such a watery foundation but over the past few weeks I've been starting to love the formula and texture. I only use light-medium coverage foundations as I prefer to target problem areas with concealer and let the rest of my skin shine through a little so this foundation is perfect for me. It's a low coverage foundation but it is buildable, it claims to be high coverage but I don't think you could build it up to the point where I would personally class it as a high coverage foundation. 

I first tried using a brush to apply this but I think the only way to apply this foundation is with your fingers. Using a stippling brush or buffing brush left the foundation looking odd on my skin, using my fingers gave it a more natural look and feel and it generally just looks better. This didn't cling to my dry areas which is great, I think it sat on my skin nicely, giving me a matte finish and just enough coverage. For only £4 I am really impressed but this definitely won't be the foundation for everyone. 

That's it for my Makeup Revolution product reviews for now, although I am very tempted to make an order soon, recommend me some of their products below!

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  1. Love the look of that concealer! Defo want to give that a try.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. For the price it's worth trying I think, I might buy the lighter shade for A/W x

  2. Wow that foundation does look very watery...almost doesn't look like foundation at all! Interesting products, great review xx

    1. It's weird but I like the formula now. thanks :) x

  3. Thanks for the review link via Twitter. I want to try this range in general as everyone is raving about it but I've got conerns - I don't like MUA at all. I just don't rate it. I don't mind budget beauty when it is good but I don't want to waste my money on this if I'm going to bin it. Is it like MUA stuff? I've asked around and nobody seems to want to diss the brand but I've not seen anything negative about it which makes me wonder what I'm missing out on!
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    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

    1. It is similar to MUA but I think the quality of some products such as the foundation and concealer are better than MUAs products. I've only tried 3 products from Makeup Revolution though so I can't give a great answer to your question, sorry!