Let's chat like old times

When I first started blogging I did a lot of chatty posts, just talking to my readers, all 12 of you for a while. Even though I had very few followers I enjoyed just sitting down and writing a long chatty post. Recently I realised that I don't really do those kind of posts any more, yes I talk about my operation and maybe a bit about what I'm up to but never like I used to.

I felt like now was a good time just to sit down and talk to you all, like friends really. I've been doing one of the worse things that a blogger can do recently, I've been comparing my blog to others and that has really pushed all the creativity and love out of blogging for me. I would take a break but I haven't got anything else to do with my time at the moment whilst I'm still recovering so I thought I'll try and battle those feelings by just rambling like I used to.

Firstly lets start off with something that really is like old times, youtube. For those who don't know my blog started because of youtube, I was on youtube first, before I made my blog. I deleted my channel in a panic when people at my school found out about my channel. I said when I left that I would start again after I'd finished my GCSEs, well that was last June. Things have happened and gotten in the way since then and now I can't decide as to whether I should go back to youtube. I think I'm going to film a video, watch it a lot and give it a few weeks to decide whether making videos is something I want to start doing again. My blog will always be my priority but maybe it would be nice to do a video a week or something like that. Let me know what you think!

Whilst I'm here I'll give you a little update on my spinal surgery, I'm 5 months post op now so it's nearly been half a year since I had the operation. I've had my MRI and I'll get the results from that at the end of this month so I'll talk about that in my 6 month post op update. I am starting to feel better though, I managed to go shopping for over an hour last week so I'm doing well. I am starting to get very bored though, I'm definitely missing Sixth Form! I think that's maybe why I've started thinking about youtube, I'm so bored.

I think I'm going to leave things there because that is everything that has come to mind! Maybe I'll keep doing these posts whenever I feel like just having a chat, let me know what you think. Maybe tell me about something that has happened in your life recently as well!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I love reading sit down chatty posts and think you should definitely do some more in the future. As for YouTube - go for it! If it turns out that its not for you then that's fine but at least you gave it a go again - I would be your first subscriber at least :-) Hope you recovery keeps going well and I hope you find something to battle the boredom! xxx


    1. Aww thank you :) Think I'll film a video on Monday and see how I feel! xx

  2. You should definitely do more "chatty" posts i'm fairly new to your blog but really enjoyed this one. I'd also love to watch some youtube videos from you - you should definitely go ahead and do some :) Glad to hear your recovery is going well :) I hope your having a good weekend xxx


    1. Glad you enjoyed reading this post :) Thank you xxx