OOTD | Sunny Days

The weather today is absolutely glorious, the best its been where I live in quite a while so I decided to drag my older sister out to take some photos for me. Just a minute down the road from me there's a dog walking field that is massive so I thought it would be nice to switch things up and take some OOTD photos there instead of in my garden. We had a walk around the field as well, taking in the sun, which was really nice. The photos aren't the best but I don't really mind as I'm not used to taking them outside of my garden! It's so difficult to 'pose' when you are tall with really long limbs as well, what do I do with my arms?

Jumper* | Fashion Union
Gingham Treggings | Topshop Tall
Shoes | Primark

This isn't a very exciting outfit but I really wanted to share it with you, mainly because of the jumper! Even though its getting warmer now I still get cold so I can get away with a jumper, for now anyway. I've wanted a pastel jumper for a while and this Mint Green Fashion Union one is exactly what I was looking for. It could do with being a little longer but its not too bad. I paired it with my trusty Topshop Gingham Treggings which I am still completely in love with, they are becoming my most worn piece of clothing! Finally I'm wearing my simple black Primark slipper shoes, I've seen lots of bloggers buy these in some brighter colours so I'm hoping to get my hands on some when I go to Primark next month!

Let me know if you prefer this background for my photos!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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