NEW from MUA | SS14 Nail Polishes and Lipsticks

The other day a little surprise package came through my letterbox, inside were lots of new SS14 shades from MUA to try out. MUA is a brand I've loved for a while now, since I started blogging I think. Recently I haven't heard too much about them though, there didn't seem to be any new products coming out. Until I saw what the lovely people at MUA had sent over to me, some new Spring/Summer nail polishes and lipsticks, 2 of my favourite things! I've only had them for a couple of days so can't do a full review yet but I just wanted to introduce you all to them as they come out in a few days in store, they are already online.

(L-R) Pitch Black*, Bullet*, Leapfrog*, Sweet Peach*, Cherry Blossom* and Red Rose*

I already have a few MUA nail polishes in my collection so I'm really happy to see that they are bringing more shades out. Pitch Black, Red Rose, Bullet and Cherry Blossom are core essential shades for your collections with Sweet Peach and Leapfrog being great additions to anyone's collection for S/S! Sweet Peach is standing out a lot to me at the moment, I think it is going to be one of my go to Summer shades. Bullet is another one of my favourites as well, I don't own a grey nail polish so I'm looking forward to trying this one. These are all still £1 like most of their nail polishes and I'm hoping they will be the same as the others. The shades that I already own go on really well and need about 2-3 coats, depending on what colour you are using. I find with a good base and top coat they can stay on, chip free, for about 5 days. For only £1 you really can't go wrong and I think all 6 shades would be a good addition to even a large nail polish collection.

Lilac Belle* and Fawn Fancy*

Despite the fact that the matte lipsticks have been out for a while now I still haven't gotten around to trying them, until now. I used to love matte lipsticks but over time I've turned away from them, I'm not entirely sure why. These 2 new shades are opposites, Lilac Belle is a soft lilac hue whilst Fawn Fancy is a dark nude. I haven't tried these yet but I'm already leaning more towards Lilac Belle. I don't think I could get away with Fawn Fancy as my skin is so pale but I'm definitely looking forward to being brave and trying out a lilac lipstick!

All these new products come out on 9th April in Superdrug stores nationwide and are already online at the muastore. They are all affordable at only £1!

Do any of these shades catch your eye?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. nice haul


  2. Leapfrog looks gorgeous! The packaging does resemble Essie!


    1. The packaging is very much like Essie, small bottles though :)

  3. I like the leapfrog shade, my fave from this selection

  4. Lilac Belle is so pretty! Especially for spring and summer :) x

    1. Completely agree :) Would be nice with a pretty dress and simple eye makeup x

  5. I love the look of Leapfrog!!
    The whole lot of them actually look lovely :)

    Jess xo