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Hello Lovelies

 As you may probably of guessed, by my writing style or the title, this post is actually not being written by Shona, but by a different style blogger. My name's Rachel and I write a blog called rachelspick that's mainly based around fashion, but I also love to throw in some beauty, D.I.Y and various other things too. You can go over and have a read here: RachelsPick. The reason that I was so keen to be a part of this series is because I think that looking good on a budget is so important, and let's face it, hardly anyone has the money to spend £200 on a plain white tee-shirt that you could go and buy in Primark for £3!

If you want to look good and you aren't a millionaire, then fashion on a budget is the only option for you. Even if you don't really want it to be. But to be honest three quarters of the population are in the same shoes as you, and they don't look awful. So there's no need to worry that you might have to be a bit tighter with your budget, or have to scrimp and save a bit more than someone else, because you can still look good or even better than them.

I'm not going to say that when I go shopping I'm always looking through the sales racks, or constantly being a cheap stake. But I never have a massive amount of money to spend on my wardrobe, so I just work with what I have and be a little bit savvy with my money. Whether that's buying a staple item that I can wear with everything, or just trying to find an item that I like for less money.


The great British High-street is something that everyone has access to and it's actually something that us British people should be really proud of. We have everything available for all budgets and all styles. It's amazing if you think about it! There's places such as Primark which really is budget fashion, and then there's places like New Look, H&M and Dorothy Perkins that are just a bit higher in the ranking, and then there's also Zara, River Island, Mango, Topshop etc. We really do have a mix of everything! But for us it just makes it easier to be able to nail looking good even though we may be on a budget.


1. Before you go shopping have a look for any vouchers.

Have a look on websites such as Voucher Cloud or Voucher Codes to see if there are any vouchers for your favourite shops. On Voucher Cloud there is often ones for New Look, Next, Dorothy Perkins and much more. I think it's definitely worth signing up because you have full access to all the vouchers available and you will even get emails to tell you about the newest ones.

 2. Don't head straight to cheap shops just because your on a budget.

I know this may seem like the best option because you will get more items for your money, but actually your just paying for cheap quality that won't last that very long and before you know it, you'll be throwing it in the bin. So head for places that have reasonable prices and also have good quality, such as H&M or New Look.

 3. Don't follow a hype.

Where I live there is a massive hype over Topshop and everyone my age shops there. So when it's a non-school uniform day, you see about three or four people in the exact same thing and not only is it embarrassing, but it also takes all the individuality out of your look! So just shop in places that you like and do what you want to do.

 4. Sales can sometimes be good!

I know some sales are awful and all the clothes are just last season or damaged, but in some places, sales are actually good. I often buy shoes from New Look sales because they're usually about half the price the would of been and they are really good quality. They also often have most pairs of shoes on sale, so you may go in and see a pair that you like but their £30, so you wait for a while, thinking about those shoes you should of bought and go and have a look again, and their £17. So you snap themup really quickly and think "What a bargain!"

5. Know what you want and what suits you.

When your shopping in places like Primark, you often just pick up anything you like and hopefully try it on. But then you end up buying things that may not suit you and things that you just don't need.  So know what suits your body shape, what colours suit your skin tone and have a list of what items your lacking in your wardrobe.

6.Try it on.

When you see an item you like that is cheap or on sale you need to try it on to ensure that it's on sale for the right reasons. Make sure that it's not got any marks on, that it's not ripped or a zip is broken, and try it on to make sure that it's cut to the size it says and isn't too small or too big. 

7. Know your stuff.

Make sure you know when your favourite shops are having a good sale and make sure you get there as quickly as you can after it starts. Obviously don't camp out or get up in the middle of the night, but just get there at a reasonable time. Then you can hopefully get the pick of the best items and get some amazing bargains. Places like Next and Topshop sales are both really good. You can often find out on their websites or online when their sales are and you can even look what will be on sale.

8. Don't settle for anything less.

Don't buy an item just because you really like it. Make sure that the item is your size and fits you perfectly, and that it's not a size too big or too small. If you can't find the right size then try looking on their website and order it online. 

9.Know your budget and stick to it.

Don't constantly over spend on things that you really don't need. Just know your budget and make sure that you still have money left for other important things too. 

10. Have fun!

Shopping is supposed to be fun. So go with a few friends or with your mum, because it generally makes it so much more fun and then you have a few items that you like and you've had a great time. 

I hope that you've found this post helpful and that you've picked up on something that you might use the next time you go shopping. I would also just like to say thank you to Shona for letting me write over on her blog and for the great opportunity. 




  1. Great advice, I love New Look shoes and they always have good sales!

    1. I love New Look as well, I don't think I've bought shoes from them before though! x