April Beauty Favourites

Like last month I haven't got many beauty favourites to show you, I've been loving the products that I am featuring though so I still thought it was worth telling you about them. I haven't been wearing makeup too often and when I do I tend to only wear a few light products, especially as the weather is getting warmer now. My skin has been a lot clearer during the past few weeks as well so I've been using less face products, I have got one new base product to share with you though alongside some eye and lip products.

I've been trying out a few of the new Makeup Revolution products recently and one of them, The One Foundation*, has become a favourite of mine very quickly! I've been using it for over a week now and my first impressions are very positive. I've been using Shade 2 which is a great match for my pale skin, this is a really lightweight matte foundation that is buildable. It's a low coverage foundation to start off with but you can build it up however much you want. I won't say too much more as I am going to do a full review soon but so far I am loving it!

I haven't been wearing any eyeshadow for quite a while now but recently I've been enjoying using my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze. It stays on all day, even throughout the warm weather, which I love. It just adds a bit of colour and shimmer to my eyes, nothing too bold but it isn't light enough that you can't see it. 

I've only really been using 2 lip products recently, the first being the Maybelline Baby Lips in Hydrate. My favourite lip balm ran out recently and I haven't bought another yet so I started using this and I've now nearly finished it! I thought it would be one of those lip balms that you have to apply every 20 minutes but I was pleasantly surprised, my lips feel soft and smooth for a couple of hours after applying this. Obviously it doesn't have any long term benefits like other more nourishing lip balms but it's been great to just chuck in my bag or have on my bedside table.

Finally I've been loving my L'Oreal Shine Stain Splash in Lolita to add a bit of shine and colour to my lips. This is more of a Autumn/Winter shade but I love the formula so I'm still wearing it now in Spring, I'd love to get one of their more Summer appropriate shades though. This goes on like a lip gloss, giving your lips colour and shine, but it then stains your lips as well so it lasts a good hour or two more than my other lip glosses do. It isn't sticky either and it feels smooth and soft on my lips, I really can't fault it!

I'd love to know, what's one product you've been loving recently?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. I love the Colour Tattoos :) gorgeous shade too!

    Style Sunrise


    1. They are definitely my favourite cream eyeshadows! x

  2. The baby lips in Hydrate is one of my favs too and I seriously need to buy this Color Tattoo soon :)
    Anna|| Fashiony Nails

    1. I'd really recommend the Colour Tattoo, I will be using it so much during the Summer, it's fuss free and long lasting, perfect! x

  3. Where is that foundation from?x


    1. I think it will be available in Superdrug soon but it is online at the moment here: http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/ x

  4. I've recently become familiar with Makeup Revolution but that looks like a really cool foundation! I'm very interested to try it!
    A Thing of Beauty