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First of all sorry to those who don't enjoy reading tag posts, I realise that I've done a few recently! I have yet again found another tag that I love though, I saw this on Kirstie's blog, A Yellow Brick Blog. Despite my best efforts though I couldn't find out who started this tag! I love learning more about bloggers so really enjoy reading posts like this so hopefully you'll enjoy learning a bit more about me! I wasn't able to think of anything for 4 letters but 22 out of 26 isn't bad.

A is for America... I really struggled to think of one for A, I had to go with America though as I would love to go there one day, just like everyone else really! Think I better get over my fear of Aeroplanes first though!

B is for Blogging... which is a massive part of my life and something that makes me so incredibly happy.

C is for Cats... I'm pretty much a crazy cat lady and proud, I only have 2 cats who I adore but if I could I would definitely have more! You can often find me having a full on conversation with them, not weird at all!

D is for Doctor Who... Just like Harry Potter (see below!) I am a big fan of Doctor Who and you can usually find me on the sofa watching old episodes and series', except the one where David Tennant regenerates, that is way too emotional to watch again.

E is for England... I was born here and I've lived here all my life and as much as I might complain about the weather and other annoying things I love it here!

F is for Friends... I am so lucky to have some amazing friends in my life who I couldn't be without, I love them all very much.

G is for Got no idea what to put for this letter!

H is for Harry Potter... this has been part of my life since I've been quite young and I don't think I will ever stop loving the books and films and I'll always turn into an emotional wreck watching the last film!

I is for Introvert... I'm an introvert, I've always been shy and I really like my own company, of course I love being with my friends but I have always been OK with just being on my own!

J is for ??

K is for ??

L is for Learning... call me weird but I love learning and always have! I enjoy learning at school but I also love watching quiz shows (mainly The Chase!) and learning odd bits of general knowledge here and there.

M is for Make Up... I had to pick makeup for this one, my blog started because of it!

N is for Night... I really love the night time, as soon as it gets dark I feel like it is my time to just relax, watch a bit of TV and de-stress!

O is for Optimism... I'm trying to be more optimistic this year, I think I've done well so far!

P is for Primark... which is one of my favourite places to shop, if not my favourite! Who doesn't love a bargain?

Q is for Questions... Ever since I've been little I've always asked a lot of questions, if I'm unsure about a situation or don't know what is going on I will ask loads of questions, I've been known to annoy people with the amount of questions I've asked before haha!

R is for Reading... Again ever since I've been little I've loved reading, I don't read as much any more but there is nothing better than just relaxing with a book and a mug of hot chocolate every now and then.

S is for Shona... that's me!

T is for Twitter... I spend way too much time on twitter but at the same time I love it, you can follow me @freshbeautyxox

U is Unicorns... because they are fab and I couldn't think of anything else!

V is for Violin... I spent about 6 months trying to learn it a few years ago but gave up as it is sounds horrible when you can't play it (and I didn't like my teacher!).

W is for ??

X is for X-Rays... I've lost count of how many I've had over the years!

Y is for You... yes you, hello there! You are all a big part of my life and I love talking to fellow bloggers on twitter everyday and replying to all your comments, thank you for being so amazing.

Z is for Zzzzzzz... Who doesn't love sleep?

I tag: Bex, Hannah, Sarah, Lisa and Clare

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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