Popbands | Why I love them

Hair bands are not my friend and haven't been ever since I started growing my hair longer. I have very thick hair that is getting quite long now and for a while hair bands have been ripping the hairs off of my head or getting caught up in my hair. I made the transition from those evil hair bands with metal on to the metal-free ones a while ago but I hadn't made the jump to using anything like popbands. 

For those who don't know what Popbands are they are basically the answer to hair happiness, or I think so anyway. They are soft and stretchy hair bands that are supposed to leave no dents in your hair whilst staying in place but not ripping chunks of hair out. They are also gentle and very pretty!

Recently I was kindly sent two of the individual Popbands, the Oxford Blue Popband* and the Azure Popband* which is currently supporting Ovarian Cancer Awareness this month (March) meaning that 10% of its sales will go to the charity.

I've completely ditched all my other hair bands for these and I enjoyed throwing my normal hair bands into the bin. These are so soft and stretchy meaning they don't rip my hair out, they don't hurt my hair or scalp and generally they are just really comfy. I did think that they might slip out but every time I've used them they have stayed firmly in. I really like the cute bead on them as well, it just adds a little extra something to my ponytail. Also they are really pretty so look a lot better on your wrist compared to the bog standard hair band. I find with the normal hair bands that they can leave a line around my wrist as well, these are so gentle and soft though meaning they don't leave any indentions in my skin. I can't see these snapping any time soon as well!

I really didn't think I could love a hair band so much but I do and I can't wait to treat myself to more colours! They are a little more expensive than most hair bands but for me it is worth the price.

Azure Popband* | £4 | Buy Here
Oxford Blue Popband* | £5 | Buy Here

Or take a look at their multipacks, you can get 5 Popbands for £6! Buy Here

Would you make the move to Popbands? Or have you already?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I have some of these ! Love them ! Completely agree - they don't rip my hair out either or leave dents ! x

    1. They are just amazing- completely genius! x

  2. I saw a post about these awhile ago and wanted to try them, but completely forgot about them!! I love the idea of wearing your hair up and it not making a dent or kink xx

  3. I love Popbands! They're so useful and when you keep them on your wrist they don't hurt! (:

    Love from Ellis / ELRBX / beauty & lifestyle blog x