Fashion on a Budget: Outfits Under £25 (Guest Post)

If you follow Shona you will know she is doing a series called Fashion on a Budget at the moment. Shona posted on twitter asking if anyone would be interested in guest blogging within the series. So, before I start I just wanted to thank Shona for the opportunity, and wanted to introduce myself to you! My name is Chloe and I am a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger, read my blog herefeel free to check it out after you have read this!

 Shona basically told me I could do whatever I wanted but just stated I should make sure it stays within the topic of budget fashion so I thought why not make three outfits that are under £25; casual, smart and a night out outfit for under £25, meeting many peoples preferences.

All links are at the bottom of each outfit!

Casual- £24.98

I really like this outfit and feel it would be great for a sunny day! The floral top is a crop top but would look great with the leggings, I wear this sort of outfit with white converse but as this is budget I feel for the price these shoes are a real bargain! I added the bracelets for a little bit of glam but obviously you could wear this without them and the outfit would then only cost £20.98 which is amazing!

All of these items are from Select Fashion which is a cheap yet amazing store! I love this website as I can get 15% off student discount which is great news for any students!

Black textured leggings | £8 | Buy Here
Pink daisy print crop top | £6.99 | Buy Here
White lace up canvas shoes | £5.99 | Buy Here
Skinny spring bracelets | £4 | Buy Here

Smart- £25

This is a smart-casual outfit; I really love this is it can be worn to work on a nice day or can even be worn out for a meal with the family, it has a sophisticated yet glam look about it. The dress has floral print which really compliments the black collar and belt. The black shoes are a bargain and match the outfit giving you comfy footwear. Finally the outfit is finished with the pink daisy earrings which cost £2.00! They are beautiful and really add a bit of glam.

Womens Collar Tea Dress | £16 | Buy Here

Womens basic almond toe shoe | £7 | Buy Here
Light pink daisy stud earrings | £2 | Buy Here

Night Out/Party- £29.99

Okay, I may have gone over by £5 and hit £30 for this outfit but it costs £24.99 if you remove all thehe jewellery so technically you can still buy this on a budget and look fab!

Okay, so firstly I think this dress is gorgeous! It is simple but elegant as the lace around the collar makes it look so nice and adds a bit of wowza to your look. Also as it is a skater dress, it is less restricting meaning you can bust some moves on the dance floor without looking like a caterpillar stuck in a dress. (Oh I know you are picturing this in your head). The wedges are the perfect shoe for this dress and only cost £10 in the BooHoo sale which is amazing!

As mentioned I have gone over the budget by £5 but I'm a girl, what do you expect?! Again, you can finish the look with jewellery you may already own but as this is a whole outfit I was not happy enough uploading it with no jewellery as I just love a bit of fake gold. The earrings only cost £2 I mean come on....you NEED to grab this bargain! The bracelet matches the earrings and costs £3 meaning you would be a fool to miss out! I find the gold jewellery really helps to finish the outfit giving it something glam while matching, which makes you look super organised. I also find matching jewellery always makes people think you have spent more money on it, meaning you will look super cute!

Black lace yoke bardot skater dress | £14.99 | Buy Here
Mia Black suedette t bar wedges | £10 | Buy Here
Gold tone knot stud earring | £2 | Buy Here
Gold tone knot bracelet | £3 | Buy Here

Best Bargain Fashion Shops!

As a student I know money is limited so it is important to grab your bargains. I thought to finish this I would just leave you with some of the best shops for clothes, jewellery and what ever else you may need. A lot of these sites actually offer student discount which can be anything from 10% to 15% and sometimes you can even get 20% off!

These are just a few of my favourite places to buy some nice clothes and accessories; yes two of them are supermarkets, but honestly I feel some of the F&F and George stuff is so nice and a real bargain! I think some people forget that labels don't mean everything.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! I would once again like to thank Shona for letting me guest post on her blog, it has been a pleasure! Follow Shona and give her some love, also feel free to follow me for more posts like this in the future!

See you soon,

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Thank you Chloe for guest posting for me today! Earlier on in the week I did an OOTD which came to under £25, read here, so it is nice to see how other people would spend £25 to build up an outfit. I'm looking to get other bloggers involved with this series as well so every size, shape and style is catered for so if you are interested in guest blogging within my 'Fashion on a Budget' series just send me an email!

Shona x


  1. This is an absolutely brilliant idea for a post!
    I love all these outfits - especially that Daisy top at the first!

    Oh, I have a giveaway at the moment! Would love you to enter. Kelly from |Daydreams & Daisychains

    1. I really love the daisy top as well, definitely don't have the body to pull off a crop top though! xx