Fashion on a Budget | OOTD under £25 #1

When it comes to clothes I like to be very comfortable most of the time but I don't always want to just lounge around in my onesie all day. I've been wearing this little ensemble a lot recently as it is comfy, simple and a little stylish, maybe? It also costs under £25 which is fab considering my Topshop treggings cost more than that (we can all splurge every once in a while).

Houndstooth Leggings* | £5 | Vantage Fashion
Grey 3/4 Length Sleeve Loose Top* | £8.95 | WearAll
Black Cardigan | £5 | Everything5Pounds
Shoes | Primark | £4
= £22.95

I'm loving patterned bottoms at the moment as you can probably tell! I have very slim legs that I think look like sticks so wearing patterns can make them look a little bigger which I like. For only £5 as well you can't go wrong and Vantage Fashion also have lots of other leggings for £5, I've got my eye on the Gingham ones (surprise, surprise). I'm loving anything monochrome at the moment so this is a very 'me' outfit. I adore this WearAll top as well, these photographs don't highlight the beauty in its simplicity though. It has 3/4 sleeves with little buttons on the end and it hits me in all the right places. It is a little tighter around the top and then it floats over my stomach and doesn't cling to any areas that I definitely don't want highlight, like my stomach. 

The cardigan and shoes are just basic staple wardrobe pieces that everyone needs as well. The shoes are especially a bargain as you can get them in lots of different colours in Primark for only £4 so they would be perfect for the Summer, you can add a pop of colour to your outfit with them. If you like to wear more colour you could always add a bold necklace to this outfit as well, Primark do some for only a few pounds so you could still come in under £25!

Would you wear this outfit? Or do you prefer to wear more colour?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I usually prefer more colour, which is evident from my blog http://www.driftingtraveller.me . But, I really like your treggings! Checks, houndstooth, tartan, geometric prints are next on my favourites list.

    1. I have been getting into wearing more colour recently but you can never go wrong with a monochrome outfit :) I'm loving all of those prints as well! x

  2. I'm definitely more of a colour girl. I am so jealous of your slim legs!
    Definitely thought this outfit would've been a lot more expensive.
    Estelle x
    Let Me Go Xo

    1. Aww thanks lovely, I think they are too slim though!
      Fab, that is exactly the kind of reaction I want to get, pleasantly surprised people :) xx

  3. You look lovely. I like the sound of that top, it looks a nice length and works perfectly with leggings! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you :) It is so nice and comfy, fits really well :) Definitely perfect with leggings! x

  4. i spent alot of my days wearing leggings like that and long cardicans lik that last year, soo easy and comfortable and bringing clour to the outfit instead of monochrome is easy x

    1. Can't go wrong with leggings and a long cardigan! x

  5. I wear leggings a lot and I really like yours and the top goes great with it too. Lovely outfit

  6. Love the leggings, really suit you
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  7. Amazing outfit on so a low budget! The leggings are very cool, I think that black and white is a classy combo. With printed bottoms there's no need to add more colors.

    Jasmine x
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