Fashion on a Budget | Bargain Boots under £15

This is the first proper post in my new series, Fashion on a Budget, which is all about shopping for affordable clothes and shoes. I wanted to start things off with something that is a bit personal to me at the moment as I've been hunting for a pair of afforable boots. I've got a pair of heeled boots which have a low/medium wedge but I haven't got any flat boots so I've been spending a lot of time hunting for some that I can afford. I thought for my first post in my new series I'd share some of the shoes I've come across in my hunt that are very affordable and wearable.

If you still aren't sure what this series is about read my intro post here.

I've included a variety of boots, instead of just ones I'd buy myself as obviously everyone has different styles and I want this series to cater for everyone, not just my style/shape/size. Most of these boots are from Hidden Fashion because they are one of my favourite places to shop for shoes. Unfortunately they no longer offer free delivery though, they recently dropped the prices of their clothes and shoes and upped delivery to £3.99 per item. That does seem like a lot, because it is, but really it is just the money they took off of each item, not a good marketing strategy though as high delivery prices can put people off. I'll still be ordering though as the shoes especially do still work out to be really cheap.

 I've also  got a pair here from JustFor5Pounds which is another great place to shop for shoes but sizes go out of stock very quickly so I check their website regularly so I don't miss out on anything. Also their delivery is decided on weight so that can stack up pretty quickly so I tend not to buy more than 2 pairs of shoes at a time from them.

Of course you can find boots at bargain prices in the sales, for example New Look have got lots in the sale at the moment. I didn't want to include any sale items though as I wanted to show some shoes that are already very cheap without any discounts.

Let me know in the comments below if you have enjoyed this first post in my new series! Also if you have any post ideas for it leave them below or tweet me (@freshbeautyxox).

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Great post! It's always great to find cheap boots as they tend to be quite expensive in my opinion.


    1. Thanks :) I think so too, I can't make myself pay £30 upwards for shoes! xx

  2. Great post - Cant believe how cheap some of these boots are! Thank you! Ha.

  3. OOh I really like that first pair x

    1. Same, not sure if I'm brave enough to wear them though! x

  4. Ah these are all so nice! especially love the ones in the top pic on the bottom right! amazing finds
    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. I love them ones too but think they might be just a little too high for me :( xx