An Introduction to... Dermalogica Skincare

For the past 2-3 months I've been trying out a few different products from a brand that I hadn't heard much about before, Dermalogica. In the past the brand had popped up in Blog Lovin' feed a few times and I think they've been in a few beauty boxes but other than that I'd barely heard anything about it. So, when the opportunity arose for me to try some of their products I said yes straight away, I've been loving skincare recently so I was interested to see what their products were like and if they could help my dry skin. Here is what I thought about the products I tried!

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant* | full size £38.50 | buy here

This is the product that I was most looking forward to trying as I've only heard positive things about it in the past! This is a small 13g travel size that I've been using but the full size is 75g, making the price a little more justifiable. The daily microfoliant is a gentle exfoliator that is suitable for use on all skin types, it has been designed for daily use as well. I have dry skin that looks dull and doesn't feel smooth or soft without regular exfoliation so the idea of using this daily stood out to me a lot. This is a little different in another way as well, it is a powder product which you use by mixing it with a little water to create a creamy paste. The powder is very finely milled meaning it's gentle on my skin whilst still achieving good results. Within a couple of weeks I could tell a difference, my skin has been looking brighter and feeling softer since regularly using this. I've only positive things to say about this product, other than the incredibly boring packaging it comes in!

Dermalogica Daytime Radiance Set*
I've also been trying out a set of a three mini products from the AGE smart range, these products aren't catered to my skin type so keep that in mind, I was still keen to give them a try though!

Dynamic Skin Recovery* | full size £59 | buy here
This is a daily anti-ageing moisturiser that is designed to encourage collagen production, provide hydration and control hyperpigmentation. This has a really light consistency, meaning it melts into the skin, it definitely left my skin feeling softer. Other than that though this product really didn't do much for my skin, which like I said before might be down to the fact that I have no need for anti-ageing products in my skincare routine. 

Skin Perfect Primer* | full size £36 | buy here
This primer is designed for maturer skin, claiming that it smooths out fine lines, brightens and of course helps makeup last longer. It has a smooth consistency and glides over your skin and despite the fact that it appears to be nearly orange in colour it does blend out to be almost colourless. An added bonus is that this also has SPF30 in it which is a lot more than most primers offer SPF wise. I did find that my makeup lasted longer after using this as well. I do really like this product but will stick to my usual primer as it is no different to my favourite, I do feel that if you are older you might get more benefits from this product though.

Multivitamin Power Firm* | full size £36 | buy here
This is the only product that I didn't really try as I had no use for it and didn't want to overload my skin with lots of unnecessary products. It's an eye and lip cream that fills out fine lines and wrinkles, firms and repairs to give you velvety soft skin

I was also kindly sent a few samples to try, I'm only going to talk about the one that stood out to me though, the skin hydrating mask* (buy here). I got 2 uses out of both the sachets I had, after trying it 4 times I can definitely say that I really like it. It is apparently most suited to those with combination skin but I've got dry skin and I think it worked really well for me. It left my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated, I think it is one of the best masks I've used. If at some point in the near (or not so near) future I can afford this I might just treat myself to the full size version!

Overall the daily microfoliant and the skin hydrating mask have stood out to me! I'll definitely continue to use the microfoliant on a regular basis, it has helped my skin so much.

Have you tried anything from Dermalogica before? If not do you want to?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Hi Shona,
    Great post (and blog!).
    Hope you don't mind, I've included some links below that talk about Dermalogica etc and which you may enjoy reading!
    N x


  2. I used to use Dermalogica when I was training to be a therapist, I did enjoy their products especially the daily microfoliant.

    alice xxx | beauty blog | beauty channel

    1. lots of people seem to like the daily microfoliant! x

  3. Love Microfoliant (but not the price tag!), I like that you can vary the thickness of the paste by adding water. Dermalogica are a great brand but I find as a customer they are too expensive and getting a trade account without a salon base is close to impossible.

  4. I tried the Daily Microfoliant after receiving it in, I think, a Glossybox and I really liked it. The only reason I didn't purchase a full size once I had finished it was the price, as much as I like it it's a little too pricey for me at the moment x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I think the price is very off putting and they'd get a lot more customers if they lowered the prices a little, its a fab product but you could find something very similar for a lower price! xx