Premae Skincare Instant Renewal Shower Gel | Review

Ever since the lovely Premae Skincare team invited me to their beauty blogger event back in October (read about it here!) I have fallen in love with the brand and their products. I've been using their Harmony Multi Vit Smoothie Serum, which we were kindly given a sample/travel size of at the event, almost daily since then and I think that is what started off my love for the brand! One product that caught my eye at the event though was the Instant Renewal Shower Gel and I popped it onto my wishlist straight away after loving its scent. This meant I was so happy to find that Pariss, who is a blogger and works with Premae, had sent me the Shower Gel and some chocolates whilst I was in hospital recovering from my operation, it was such a kind and lovely surprise!

I've been using it for a few weeks now and although it is only a Shower Gel I think it is definitely worth talking about!

The Instant Renewal Shower Gel is designed to purify and refresh your skin whilst being gentle at the same time. Like all Premae's products it is Vegan, 100% Natural and Allergy free!

It contains coconut and rosewood, two scents that complement each other really well, neither scent overpowers the other. The scent was the first thing that drew me to it and it doesn't disappoint, it lingers on my skin for a little while afterwards, leaving me smelling fresh and clean. I was almost going to say I wish they did a matching body moisturiser to go with this so I could smell like it for longer, however they already beat me to it though as they do an Instant Renewal Body Oil that featured in the January Birchbox recently! I'm definitely adding the Body Oil to my wishlist!

The product itself is just as good as the scent as well, despite the fact I live in a hard water area I found I didn't need to use much of this at all which is great as at £7.50 it does cost more than I'd usually pay for a shower gel, but I definitely don't need to use as much of it compared to my cheaper shower gels! I find it leaves my skin feeling really soft as well, something which most of my shower gels don't do. It generally is just a really nice luxurious product.

Overall this product gets a massive thumbs up from me, it might just be a Shower Gel but it has definitely become a favourite of mine! You can buy it here for £7.50.

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. This sounds amazing, i really need to try it! x
    Day Dreaming

  2. Thank you so much for reviewing Premae Skincare Anatomy Nutrients Instant Renewal Shower Gel, so proud you love it! xxx