My New Look 'New In' Picks

New Look is one of my favourite places to shop, mainly because of their tall range but also because they offer a large selection of beautiful clothes that fit my budget perfectly. This means that I often find myself on their website, usually browsing the New In section which is ideal for finding out what is on trend whilst spending too much money. I thought today I'd share with you a few things from the New In section that have caught my eye, I'm trying to good at the moment and save my money for an upcoming blogger meet up/event but I fear these inexpensive pieces may tempt me to spend spend spend.

Red Elephant Print T-Shirt Dress | Tall Floral Print Boxy T-Shirt | Black Strappy Wedge Sandals

I've seen similar dresses to this New Look one going around for a little while now and for I've had no interest in them until I saw this one. If they did this in a tall version I definitely would have bought it by now, if I see this in store though I'll try it on just in case it is actually long enough! I really like the floral boxy t-shirt as well, it isn't the usual kind of top I'm drawn to but I think it would look really nice tucked into a skater skirt, possibly paired with the shoes I've featured as well. I nearly wore something similar to these strappy wedge shoes to my Year 11 Prom last year but for some reason I decided against it, nearly a year on though I still want a pair so maybe this Spring/Summer I'll treat myself!

Pink Check Brushed Supersoft Fluffy Jumper | Minnie Mouse Sweater | Pink Palm Tree Jumper

Lately I've been loving pastel shades after almost completely ignoring them last year and my list of pastel jumpers and tops that I want has been growing day by day. One of those jumpers that is on my wishlist right now is this Supersoft Pink Check Jumper that looks very cosy but pretty at the same time. Another jumper that I love is this Minnie Mouse one, I've never been a massive Disney fan but recently for some reason I have been, I think it might be because I've been re-watching lots of the films! Finally I've had my eye on this Palm Tree jumper, I am surprised it caught my eye as I don't wear a lot of colour but I think the subtle neon pink is really nice and very wearable.

Hopefully I can restrain myself from making a New Look order, although maybe it wouldn't hurt to treat myself to one or two things?

What's on your clothing wishlist at the moment?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I can always find something in New Look - that elephant dress is adorable :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Same! I nearly always end up buying something when I go there :) xx

  2. I love the Elephant dress, so cute! xx

  3. The Minnie Mouse jumper is so cute! xx


  4. I have really gotten "into" browsing new look online since losing weight, I have always found their sizes to be small but since I've lost weight I can fit into their clothes so I have a whole new shop to browse online ha ha, love the mini mouse jumper but I'm a tad too old for it :( fab post as always xxxxxx

    1. You are not too old to wear the jumper! Thank you lovely xxx

  5. My friend tried on that Pink Palm Sweater she didn't get it in the end but some of the clothes New Look have in right now, I am in LOVE with!
    Awesome post :)