Eye of Horus Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil | Review

I love coming across new brands, or at least brands that are new to me, I find it's always so exciting to try out products that I haven't heard of before. When it comes to buying makeup I do tend to look for product reviews first but sometimes it is nice to dive head first into a brand without loads of knowledge about the products. Eye of Horus is one of those brands that I was intrigued about straight away, without hearing anything about them before. Recently I was lucky enough to be sent one of their Goddess Smokey Eye Pencils* in the shade Black and I've been looking forward to telling you all about this eyeliner since I started trying it out!

Eye of Horus is an Australian owned company who don't test on animals, use natural ingredients and their products are paraben free. The brand was started after the girls behind it researched how the Egyptians used natural waxes and oils in their makeup, this helped them create products that are non-irritating and great for sensitive eyes. They want to awaken the goddess in all Women!

The product that I'm talking about today though is the Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil in Black. For a while now I've been hunting and hunting for the perfect pencil liner that is super black and that will stay on my waterline/tightline all day, or at least most of the day! I think I can finally say that I have found the ideal eyeliner for me, I love it when you find a product that just really works for you.

The Goddess Eye Pencils claim to be creamy and rich, made up of a combination of waxes to make the liners glide on. I think I can definitely agree with these claims, I think the formula is superb. This eye liner glides on smoothly with ease which is great for use on the waterline, it doesn't tug or pull and the creamy formula really does help with this. I think the best part for me though is that this does stay on my waterline and tightline all day, it doesn't smudge at all when I first apply it nor does it appear half way down my face by the evening. What surprised me as well was that when it came to removing my makeup it seemed to come off easily, I really didn't expect this. 

This eye liner does come with a little Smudger on one side which would be great for a smokey eye but I didn't really use it as like I said I don't tend to go for anything too dramatic. 

This eyeliner is a little more than I'd usually pay for one at £13 but I think it is definitely worth the price, I haven't found anything that comes close to the quality of this beauty! You can buy it from Cocktail Cosmetics or the Eye of Horus website.

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I have seen this brand quite a lot recently in the blogging world and I think the products I've seen all look amazing!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. The products do all look so luxurious and nice! x