An Introduction to... Miners Cosmetics | Part 2

Last week I introduced you all to the brand Miners Cosmetics, a UK budget brand with a lot to offer. In the first part of this duo of posts I talked about some of their lip products that I've been trying, read that post here. Generally I was impressed, some products did have some negatives attached to them but overall I was happy with them. This week it is time to take a look at some of the eye and face products that I have been using over the past month or so. I'm definitely not as impressed by these compared to the lip products but there are some positives.

Miners Cosmetics Bronzer and Highlighter Blend in Sun Kissed | £4.99 | buy here
I'm not the biggest lover of Bronzer so already this isn't going to be the most positive review but I did give it a try. This isn't just a bronzer though, it has a blend of a dark highlighter running through it, creating a nice pattern in the pan. If I do wear bronzer, very rarely does this happen, I go for something matte as I just don't like that shimmery bronze-y all over glow. This shade is definitely too dark for my pale skin as well. The formula is nice and it stayed on until about the afternoon but this product just isn't for me.

Miners Cosmetics Love Phat Liner! in Bandit, Queen Bee and Gold Digger 
I haven't included a link or price for this product as it isn't on the website anymore, I think that it might have been discontinued which if I'm totally honest isn't a bad thing. This is a chubby eye pencil, bigger than an eyeliner but smaller than a cream eyeshadow in crayon form. I was looking forward to trying these, especially the black and gold shade but unfortunately they didn't perform as well as I'd have liked them to. Firstly the formula isn't soft at all, I really had to push hard to swatch these, I have only tried them once on my eyelid as you really do have to push quite hard to get colour pay off. As I haven't worn these much at all I can't say too much other than that, the above statements is enough to put me off though unfortunately!

Miners Cosmetics Dream Eyes Liner in Turquoise | £2.49 | buy here
Unfortunately this is another eyeliner that has quite a hard formula which put me off using it. The colour is quite bold also which left me limited on how I could wear it so I haven't actually worn this liner yet. I can't actually see myself reaching for it due to the formula and shade, I know it isn't much to go on but I wouldn't recommend this product!

Miners Cosmetics Colour & Kohl in Brown | £1.99 | buy here
Despite this being the cheapest eyeliner in this blog post it is the one that has pleased me the most! This eyeliner has a much softer formula and I love the shade as it looks more natural than black, I like lining my eyes lightly with this, it is also well pigmented and quite cheap! It isn't as soft and easy to use as some of my other eyeliners but for the price I think it is great.

Overall I've found out that Miners Cosmetic's lip products are much better than their eye and face products so definitely take a look at the lipsticks and glosses they have to offer. At such bargain prices you won't be breaking the bank as well!

Are you tempted to try anything from the brand?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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