An Introduction to... Miners Cosmetics | Part 1

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to win quite a few different products from Miners Cosmetics, a brand that I have dipped into in the past. I thought this would be a really good opportunity to do another An Introduction To... post as I'm sure no one wants me to fill up their Blog Lovin' feed with lots of individual reviews of the products I've been trying out. I'm also splitting this post into 2 so it isn't too long, there are quite a few products to talk about! Today's post is focusing on some of the lip products they offer, I'll talk about their eye/face products in the next post.

Miners Cosmetics Tin o' Tint in Cherry & Watermelon | £2.99 | buy here
I've actually had one of these balms, Watermelon, for a little while before I won the other products as it really appealed to me, being such a lip balm lover. Watermelon is a light/medium pink shade and Cherry is a deep berry shade. Both are well pigmented for a tinted lip balm and they feel smooth and soft on my lips. These are probably my favourite tinted lip balms and I definitely would recommend them!

Miners Cosmetics Fluro Gloss in Born in the 80s, Amplified and Fever | £1.49 | buy here
These bold glosses did scare me a little when I first saw them but as you can see by the swatches they don't come out as bright as they first appear, which is to be expected when it comes to most lip glosses. Born in the 80s gives my lips a very sheer flush of orange, Amplified comes out as a sheer and glossy baby pink shade and Fever is the most pigmented giving my lips a slightly darker pink boost. They do apply a little patchy and even though they are very sheer glosses it is still noticeable. These aren't bad products but I wouldn't rush out to buy them all.

Miners Cosmetics Sweet Lips in Melba | £2.99 | buy here (1)
I've really enjoyed using this lip gloss over the past month, it is a very milky pink shade that gives a tiny bit of colour if any to my lips. It would be nice if it was more pigmented but I like it mostly for its very glossy finish and how it feels on my lips. This has Vitamin E in it which leaves my lips feeling soft, this definitely isn't a sticky lip gloss. This shade isn't on the website any more but other shades from the range are on offer for under £1 at the moment so if you are making an order I'd definitely add one into your basket!

Miners Cosmetics Luxe Lips Creme Gloss in Uptown Girl | £3.99 | buy here (2)
This bold and bright lip gloss really isn't for those who prefer the natural, no makeup look! This shade is a very bold basic orange that I cannot pull off at all. Other than the shade though I do really like this gloss and would consider purchasing a more wearable shade in the future. Firstly this gloss has a brush applicator instead of the standard gloss applicator, the brush gives you more control which is definitely needed when working with a very pigmented gloss. This is a little sticky because it is thicker than your usual lip glosses but that actually didn't bother me too much. I've got my eye on some of the pinker shades now!

Miners Cosmetics Mood Gloss in Glastonberry | £2.49 | buy here (3)
This is one of those fancy lip glosses that change to your own unique colour depending on your ph-levels. For me this usually changes into a wearable pink shade after starting off clear, it changes colour reasonably quickly. It feels smooth and soft on my lips, not sticky at all. It is a bit of a gimmick but it is still nice to have in my collection. 

Miners Cosmetics Pearls for Girls Gloss in Pink Pearl £1.99 | buy here (4)
I hate to end on a bad note but me and this lip gloss just didn't get on! It is a pearly metallic light pink that doesn't apply evenly and it feels a little sticky on my lips. It's mainly the finish that I don't like, it really isn't the kind of look I can pull off! If you like a pearly, almost metallic finish then this will be perfect for you but unfortunately I just couldn't get on with it.

Look out for my next post featuring the eye/face products I've been trying from the brand!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I love the packaging! I really want to try the Tin o' Tint since I love both cherry and watermelon scented things x


    1. I'd definitely recommend them, they do smell like watermelon and cherry as well! xx

  2. The packaging is sooo cute, especially the Tin o Tints. Ive never tried anything from Miners before but these look nice xx


    1. I love the packaging of the Tin o' Tints too! xx