An Introduction to... Hard Candy

Recently the lovely team at Xtras sent me over a few Hard Candy products to try out and this got me thinking about introducing a new series here on my blog. I love doing beauty reviews but feel things can get a little repetitive so sometimes instead of doing review posts on just one product I'm going to be doing 'An Introduction to...' posts. The idea behind it is similar to the brand focus/spotlight posts going around, except these posts will only feature brands that are new to me or ones that haven't featured on my blog before, hence the introducing part. I think these posts will encourage me to try new brands as well, rather than sticking to the same ones all the time. Hopefully you'll like this new series and find some new brands/products to try out!

Like I said I'm starting off with talking about some Hard Candy products, which are American but you can now get some products online in the UK!

First up are these Hard Candy Nail Polishes in Hot Pants* and Mr. Right*. I was drawn to these straight away, especially the deep blue shade. Hot Pants seems to be sold out on the Xtras website right now but it is gorgeous, very similar to Barry M's Rose Quartz Glitter except this Hard Candy one is more pink than rose. Application was fine with it and it stayed on for about 5 days without chipping which is pretty good as nail polishes tend to chip quite quickly on me!

The product that really stood out to me though is the Just Nails Nail Colour in Mr. Right. I loved the shade as soon as I set eyes on it, I didn't expect it to perform as well as it has done though. It was completely opaque in two coats, so nearly opaque in one though. It applied like a dream and despite the fact that the applicator/brush is nothing special or new I found it really easy to control and use. It also has the most beautiful shine to it and is by far the glossiest nail polish I own. It's a deep navy shade that gives off a slight metallic shimmer in the light and I think it is just stunning. I really like how it is close to black but at the same time it is gives off this navy shine. I've definitely found a new favourite nail polish, it is a bargain at only £1.99 as well!

Hard Candy Just Nails Nail Polish in Mr. Right | £1.99 | Buy Here

The final product I have to talk about again is unfortunately out of stock on the website, it is the Tinted Lip Balm in Good Girl*. It's a peach/orange tinted lip balm that gives your lips a moisture boost whilst leaving them with a slight peach tint. It doesn't give off much colour but it does give your lips a healthy shine which I like, it does feel really nice on my lips as well. It isn't anything overly special but it is a nice lip balm.

Overall I'd really recommend that you take a look at the nail polish in Mr. Right, it is stunning!
Take a look at all the Hard Candy products that Xtras stock here.

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. That blue nail polish looks gorgeous! And at £1.99 I'm tempted to go and buy it!


    1. It really is fab, I'd definitely recommend you pick it up! xx

  2. I've never heard of this brand before but that nail polish is the perfect shade of blue, I love it x


    1. It really is, I never used to like dark shades like it but I do now! x