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Finding new websites to shop on is always exciting and I was definitely excited when I came across Beauty Steals which sells cosmetics, skincare products, accessories and jewellery which are some of my favourite things! I haven't done a wishlist post in a little while so I thought I'd do one today to show you some of my top picks from the website.

Despite my love for all things beauty related it was the bags and jewellery on the website that drew me in! Two of the bags available immediately caught my eye as well, something that rarely happens as I'm not the biggest lover of bags. I love the simplicity and style of the navy office bag and the fact that it has a long strap so I could wear it on my shoulder, it seems to have plenty of space in it as well so it would be perfect for Sixth Form or trips to London etc. I also love the Vintage style bag, especially the the intricate detail on the clasp. Again it has a long strap and is a reasonable size which makes me just as happy, both of these bags are under £26 as well!

Also recently I've found myself loving jewellery more and more so I loved browsing through that section on the website. I came across a few pieces that I really loved including the leather bracelet with the heart and crystal detail on it. I love the simplicity of it, it has the crystals on but they aren't overpowering at all. I really like the contrast of the rough leather and the clean silver as well. The heart earrings also caught my eye, I love the snakeskin detail on them which make them a little more exciting than just plain heart studs. I think they'd jazz up an outfit subtly whilst still standing out.

Now I've found Beauty Steals I think I'll definitely be on there a lot, browsing through the different categories and looking out for new stock, I should think I'll be making an order in the near future!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. The brown bag is so pretty, may have to treat myself to one of those. Thank you for sharing this sight its brilliant! x


  2. You picked 2 goooorgeous bags! I want them both now xo