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My hair has never been as long as I'd like it, as soon as it would grow to shoulder length it just seemed to slow down a lot which would usually result in me cutting it short again. In the past I considered getting hair extensions but I've never found a good shade match for my Auburn hair. If I was to find the perfect match for my hair colour though I would definitely consider getting some extensions for when I wanted a little more length to style my hair with.

If I was to just go for it and purchase some extensions I think I would probably shop online at Paul's Hair World for a number of different reasons. They've been around for over 20 years now so have plenty of experience and they offer such a wide range of brands and products on their website.

As well as selling the classic hair extensions that will give you thicker and longer hair they also sell funky, additional lengths hair extensions, I know that feather extensions are old news now but personally I still like them and I think they'd be great for Spring/Summer, they have loads of different designs and colours on the website.

I think I'll definitely be thinking about whether I want to try out some inexpensive hair extensions more this year. I am growing my hair now instead of chopping most of it off like usual but it is still taking forever to grow!

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