Guest Post // 50s Fashion Modernised

‘’Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening’’
Coco Chanel 

Hey Everybody :)

I just wanted to start off by saying a HUGE  thank you to the lovely Shona for giving me this great opportunity, to write on her fabulous blog!

For me and indeed most likely for Shona alike as well as those other fashion bloggers out there, style isn't just waking up in the morning and throwing on designer labels. Its something so much more, it’s the ability to make the most of what you have, to look a million dollars in something that simply cost 5. That’s why I love this quote so much! 

Additionally, I think it portrays a sense of individuality about loving fashion! Loving fashion, is loving yourself and possessing the ability to wear whatever you want, when you want!

For me this idea of fashion, was only first seen really in the 50s! This was the time when Coco Chanel's influences were most seen, Marilyn Monroe ruled Hollywood and Audrey Hepburn was queen! Which is why I've tried to create some modern 50’s looks that we could wear today :)

This look has got all the right components to be the perfect Sunday school look but... The furry coat is perfect for turning this look or any look around and expressing your inner rebel :)

Jacket: H&M, Dress A-Wear

This mixed pattern look has been huge all year! The mid-length skirt has a slight kick in it too which accentuates the 50s style element of the look! If the weathers not the best outside why not try this look with a pair of woolly tights and brown boots with a matching belt and glasses!

Skirt H&M, Shirt Penneys (Primark)

Just like it is today, in the fifties the fur gilet was a staple among many Europeans and we can see why! This look is perfect for anything from a night out to dinner with the Family <3

Dress: Primark, Jacket: Zara

We all know what the Americans and Brits were up to during this period with puffy skirts and straight jackets but what about on the continent? French 50s, que oui :)
Psst this big scarf is the perfect way to create a cape all you need is a broach and the tartan pattern is perfect for this season!

All: Primark

Okay so Marilyn Monroe wasn't exactly Miley Cyrus or Rihanna but not all 50s girls were as sweet or as diligent as we are often deluded to believe! Meet the Rebellious Leopard!

Top: H&M , Trousers: River Island, Scarf: American Eagle, Glasses: Primark

Varsity Jackets were huge back in the day and have made an equally huge comeback in recent years. Throw one over your summer dress and converse to transform into The Jock's BFF or should I say GF ;)

Jacket: New look Dress and Accessories: Penneys Converse: Schuh

This simple look is perfect for both work and a day to day look never mind the fact its made primarily of you closet treasure chest staples! Just choose your favourite woolly jumpy and a midi skirt, throw over a trench and your ready to strut!

Jumper: Topshop, Skirt and Jacket: H&M, Belt: Penneys, Shoes:Barrots

Thank you guys so much for reading :)


Jess xx


  1. I absolutely agree with the individuality part. I think she's got a mind of her own - and not afraid to show it through fashion. Excellent idea for a guest post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post as much as I did! x

  2. Love all the outfits! Must start naming my outfits, and "rebellious leopard" is a good'un xx Rebecca - UK Style Blog

  3. I suck at naming my OOTD posts haha! x