Bargain Haul | Hidden Fashion (£1 sale!) + JustFor5Pounds

My obsession with fashion has grown stronger since my surgery meaning that I've been making online clothing orders left, right and centre! I've seemed to have gone off the idea of buying more makeup recently (definitely a good thing!) but my love for fashion has over taken this and my wardrobe is now bursting full with new clothes, oops?

 Sometimes though clothes aren't as cheap as I'd like them to be so when I come across bargain websites I seem to get hooked, it has to be better than having a Topshop addiction though? I've got a quick little haul for you today to show you some of the bargains I've found from 2 of my new favourite online shops. Unfortunately some of the images below are from the websites as I'm either wearing the clothes right now or they are in the wash, apologies!

First up is my new favourite place to shop, JustFor5Pounds! Online shops like this one can be hit and miss but if you spend enough time hunting through the website you will find lots of gems and soon enough you'll be making an order. The first thing I ordered was this sheer white top that has gold studs on the collar, it also has lace detail on the shoulders. I bought this to go with my new skirts for sixth form and I think it will go perfectly. It is very sheer so you do need to wear a vest top underneath but it is a bargain and a great piece for a more casual outfit and for work/school.

Buy Here | £5

The main reason that I'd made an order was to pick up this Varsity Style Baseball Jacket. I'm not sure why I suddenly wanted one of these jackets but I did and I am glad I picked it up because it is such a bargain at only £5. I picked it up in the navy shade as I wear way too much black and I'm glad I did. I haven't worn it yet as I put it straight in the wash when it arrived because it just looked like it could do with a quick wash, hence why I don't have my own image. 

Buy Here | £5

Unfortunately I don't have my own image or an image from the website for the last thing I bought! I picked up a grey jumper dress with black hearts to pair with my leggings and it is so comfy (I'm wearing it now!) so it really is a shame that it has sold out. Here is the link just in case it comes back into stock, I'd really recommend picking it up as it is super warm and cosy and is long enough to pair with leggings!

I also recently made an order from Hidden Fashion which became one of my favourite online shops a little while ago now. I was browsing the website one day when I couldn't believe what I read, £1 sale! I don't think I've ever filled up my virtual basket so quickly. It isn't a big sale and the pieces in the sale are basic but at £1 per piece I couldn't say no, also their free delivery made me want to order! I first picked up this oversized batwing skater dress that has a polka dot mesh section at the top of it. I thought it would be a really nice casual day dress that I could pair with leggings or tights. It is quite long, even on me so it might swamp petite girls so I would say this is better suited to taller girls.

Buy Here | £1

I then picked up this purple hodded thick top for just lounging around in and I'll probably use it as a PJ top as well when it is really cold. I really like the tartan detail on the drawstrings and just the overall look of it, it feels comfy as well. It is just a basic piece that was missing from my wardrobe so when I saw it was £1 I couldn't say no!

Buy Here | £1

Finally I picked up these Tie Dye/Marble Print leggings, all my leggings are plain colours so I thought this would be a good addition to my wardrobe. They aren't see through and are nice and comfy so this is another bargain, I still can't believe these were all £1 each!

Buy Here | £1

There is also jewellery in the sale along with a few other clothing items so definitely go and take a look at everything here.

Have you picked up any bargains recently? 

Thanks for reading,
Shona x