Top Posts from 2013

Last year I did lots of posts about 2012 including my favourite beauty products of the year and my most popular posts, effectively my reader's (you!) favourite posts. It seemed to go down well and it enabled new readers to go back and read posts that they may have missed, so here is a run down of some of my most popular posts from 2013, in no particular order!

I wrote this post right at the beginning of the year, I was pretty excited to finally own a MAC lipstick! It was a little Christmas present to myself and also one of my last beauty buys before I started my 100 day spending ban! I used this a lot in the first few months of the year but now I use Creme Cup and Syrup more!

This negative review was actually quite popular which surprised me as lots of people say they don't like negative reviews. I actually love reading negative reviews just as much as positive ones, you need to know what to avoid as well as what to buy surely?

I wrote this post the day after the one above and again it was quite popular! MUA reviews have always been the most popular posts on my blog, you all just seem to love them!

Again another MUA review that you all loved! I don't use these as much anymore as I tend to go through phases of wearing lipgloss but I'm sure next month I'll be wearing them all the time again!

Now this is one that definitely surprised me! I'm still not sure why this post has been one of my most popular this year, apparently you must have loved learning more about me! This year I have definitely liked doing tags more, now I do at least one a month!

This post about these bargain lipsticks proved to be very popular and I'm not surprised because at only £1.99 they are definitely a bargain and I'd still recommend them 9 months on!

Yet again another popular MUA review, I'll definitely have to start doing more MUA reviews soon! Again these are 2 products that I still love and use now despite them taking a little longer to apply compared to other lip products! There are so many popular MUA reviews on my blog so I won't feature them all!

You all know how much I adore my lip crayons so I was surprised that the post was so popular, I thought you might find it boring as you all knew I liked them already! You'll all be happy to hear now that I've downsized my collection from 9 to 6, although I may have plans to try Rimmel's soon...

You all seemed to love this review as much as I love the lipstick itself. This is one of my favourite lipsticks as it is creamy and the perfect nude pink colour for me. I found that Lovelorn could be too bold sometimes so this was the perfect level down for me and I'd recommend it to everyone!

This is by far one of the most popular posts on my blog! It still gets lots of views now, 4 months after I posted it! This is another product that I still adore and use now, I would 100% still recommend it to you!

This is one of my more recent MUA reviews and I just can't believe that they are still so popular considering so many other bloggers review their products all the time. Also I think the hype surrounding the brand has calmed down a bit recently, I still use their products but I definitely use more of a variety of brands now. Either way though I am happy that you enjoy my reviews!

All of my collabs with Sophia have gone down well but this was seemed to be especially liked! I loved writing it as I don't really talk about skincare too much on my blog.

Everyone loves a bargain so I'm not surprised that this post was popular! I've since had lots of tweets/emails from people saying that they bought the boots as well or made a Hidden Fashion order! I've ordered from them since getting these Boots as well and I haven't been let down!

Those are just a few of my most popular posts from 2013! Why don't you go back and read some of them again? Or maybe it will be your first time reading some of them!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Great post! Its lovely to be able to revisit some older posts!


  2. You have such a cute blog!


  3. MAC lipsticks are always a winner!