Premae Harmony Smoothie Serum // Review

In October the lovely Premae Skincare Team invited me over to their HQ to learn about their products, eat cake and generally have a good time! I blogged about the event here, in the post I mentioned that we were given some sample/travel sized products to try out and one of those products was one of their best selling products, the Harmony Smoothie Serum. We tried it out at the event and immediately I was excited to give it a proper test at home, it felt so smooth and moisturising on my hand! I've been trying it out for over a month now so I thought I would let you know what I think of it.

First of all the one thing that stands out to me on the bottle is that it says '100% Natural Lemongrass Oil.' I remember Clare, the founder of Premae, telling us about how much Lemongrass had helped her skin and how much she loves it, meaning she puts it in a lot of the products! I really hoped that this natural ingredient would work wonders for my skin as well.

I use this product in the morning and at night as my moisturiser, sometimes I'll use another moisturiser with it at night though. Since using it I've found my skin to be softer and generally more hydrated. I tend to suffer with flaky dry skin in the colder months, especially around my nose. This has started to clear that up and I can really tell a difference in the condition of my skin now. You don't need to use much as well which is great as the product is a bit pricier than my other products. I really do love this product!

In the past I've never really thought about what I'm putting on my skin, ingredients wise, but after using this Premae product which has no nasty ingredients in I'm definitely going to start looking at what is in a product before I buy it!

You can buy Premae products here!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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