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Hi everyone! My name is Becky and I blog over on The Little Blog of Beauty.  Thank you to the lovely Shona for letting me guest post on her blog.  Good luck with the operation hun, I hope everything goes smoothly and you have a quick recovery.  

For my guest post I thought I would do a review of the You Beauty limited edition balance Me box.  The box contains over £100 worth of balance Me products for the amazing price of just £19.95 with free delivery.  I'm a big fan of balance Me's products and when I saw it I thought it would be the perfect Christmas present for my mum (shh don't tell her!).  At the time of writing this post the box was still available to buy but this may have sold out by the time this is published.  The great thing is though that all of these products are available separately, so I thought I would do some mini reviews of the products that I've tried or that my mum has tried.

Cleanse and smooth face balm
I was lucky enough to get to try the Cleanse and smooth face balm when I was selected by Debenhams Beauty Club for a trial of some balance Me products.  I'm so glad I got to try this because I love it, I think this is one of the most amazing products I've ever tried!  You warm a small amount of balm in your hands before gently massaging this is small circular motions on dry skin for at least 30 seconds.  You then apply warm water and continue to massage for another 30 seconds before using the muslin cloth provided to remove.  The first time I used this my face had never felt so smooth and my skin has been the best it's ever been since using this.  I wouldn't hesitate in highly recommending this.
The Cleanse and smooth face balm is available in a full size version of 125ml for £20 and two mini versions of 15ml for £4 and 40ml for £10 (shown here).

Radiance face oil
I also received the Radiance face oil from Debenhams Beauty Club but I had already tried this and was already a fan.  Like many people I was originally nervous about using an oil on my face, although my skin is generally dry I do suffer from an oily chin.  After trying this I discovered that oil is balancing on oily skin and that this helped to improve my oily chin. I also found that it helped to improve the look of the scaring on my chin from years and years of acne.  If you've not tried a facial oil before then give one a try.
The Radiance face oil is available in a full size version of 30ml for £30 and a mini version (shown here) of 10ml for £15.

Moisture-rich face cream
This was the last product I received from Debenhams Beauty Club.  As I've mentioned my skin is dry and in the winter when the temperature drops and the heating comes on it can be a real struggle to try and keep moisture in my skin and stop it becoming rough and flaky.  In the morning I like to use a lighter moisturiser under my makeup but at night I like something richer to try and keep my skin moisturised.  This has been doing the job perfectly, either on it's own or used after the face oil.

The Moisture-rich face cream is available in a full size version of 50ml for £24 and two mini versions of 10ml for £6 and 20ml for £13 (shown here).

Wonder eye cream
I think I may have received the Wonder eye cream in a Glossybox but unfortunately this is one of the balance Me products I'm unable to use because it contains lavender.  As well as despising the smell of lavender I'm also allergic to it.  It won't give me a rash but does make my skin look awful so I passed this on to my mum.  She used this a while ago and can't remember exactly what she thought of it but said she used it all up which is a good sign.

The Wonder eye cream is available in a full size version of 15ml for £20 or a mini version (shown here) of 10ml for £14.

Super moisturising hand cream
This is another one with lavender in so I haven't tried this myself but my mum did try this.  This has quite a strong smell of lavender that I could smell wafting across the living room whenever my mum used it, so if you're not a fan of lavender scent this one might not be for you.  Again my mum couldn't remember exactly what she thought about this one (she'd never make a good blogger would she!) but again she used this up so she said she must have liked it.

The Super moisturising hand cream is available is available in a full size version of 100ml for £14.50 and two mini versions of 30ml for £7.50 and 50ml for £10 (shown here).

Rose otto body wash & Facial expression filler
These are the only two products in the box that neither me or my mum have tried.  I love the sound of the Rose otto body wash but obviously as it's my mum's Christmas present I can't really give it a try (I may well pinch a bit once she's opened it!).  I don't think I really need to use the facial expression filler yet and again this product contains lavender so I won't be giving this one a try. 

The Rose otto body wash is available in a full size version of 260ml for £12.25 and two mini versions of 55ml for £4.50 and 100ml for £10 (shown here).

The Facial expression filler is available in one size of 15ml for £22 (obviously shown here!).

I hope you've enjoyed my balance Me mini reviews and I'd love if you'd pop over to my blog to say hi.


Thanks Becky for guest posting for me! I've tried 2 Balance Me products, lipgloss/balm and the face balm Becky talked about, but this post makes me want to try more from the brand, the face oil sounds lovely!

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