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Hey guys,
I'm August from Loving Life.

I saw Shona asking for guest posts and as a fan of her blog I asked if I could post and here I am! I thought it'd be fun to write about products I can't live without at the moment. I decided to limit it to 5 (in no particular order) otherwise I'd be here all day!

1. Helen é eyeliner 

I first got this product a couple of years ago and I got it free. I think it was while they were a relatively new company. It's my ultimate eye pencil and it even comes with a smudger. Unfortunately it costs £8 and I personally can't quite justify spending that much on an eye pencil so I just used up that first one and sadly said goodbye to it. However I came across an eBay UK seller selling this item for £3.95! I didn't think twice, I ordered 2. I love this pencil, It's easy to apply, the colour shows up well without having to go back over the eye and it lasts for ages.

2. Striping tape

I'm obsessed with nail art and this accessory is the perfect to make neat, fine and precise patterns. It's basically really fine cellotape. I got 10 different colours and it doesn't cost a lot! (£1.99 from eBay and it's from a UK seller so doesn't take forever!) you can keep the tape on (if the colour is what you want) but I prefer to take it off.

I'm not quite sure how I survived without it.

3. Vaseline

Call me old school but I can never leave my house without this in my bag. I feel that lip balm never quite moisturises my lips as well or as for as long as I want. With this cold weather my lips can get as dry as anything and this Vaseline helps to keep then well moisturised and prevents them from cracking.

4. Argan oil

I finally gave in and decided to see what all the hype was about. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed and it didn't even cost me that much! I definitely noticed an improvement in my hair. My edges were great and my hair felt so soft and silky. I would definitely recommend it!

5. Good Things Blemish Contrl Gel Mask

I have super oily skin and so I'm always looking for products to help keep my face shine-free.
I think I have to accept my face will always have a bit of oil but this mask helps to control shine. I like to use it before I have an event to go to. It helps to keep my face matte and shine free for much longer and my face feels so soft afterwards. This mask is a bit different to my usual masks as it's gel and contains menthol so it can 'burn' a bit but that just convinces me more that it's working!

So there you have it, my 5 can't live without products at the moment. Hope you've enjoyed reading this and do let me know yours. I'm always looking to try new things!

Thanks for reading!
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Thanks August for guest posting for me! It was great to see what some of your favourite products are!

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