Guest Post // Photography Tips for Beginners

Hello everyone ,
I am Noor from Noor's Place. I am a sweet-sixteen, student & passionate blogger + designer . I'm so excited to be guest posting here.

Ever since I got into blogging, the basics I learned in posting is that you should have some good photos. Yes, it really matters a lot. I was always SO fond of photography and writing so it made a good blend in blogging. For me, photography isn't anything professional. It's all about a hobby. I own a Nikon Coolpix S4000 that takes excellent pictures. It's a digital so I am a totally un-pro type of person.
If you're a newbie type like me , I would love to share some tips with you .

If you're taking a picture in quite a dark room , it won't be good anyhow. Even a pro camera can't solve this issue. Use natural light (like window's shade or lawn) or studio lights if inside. The pictures will be great even from an iPhone.

Be jealous all, that's my front yard!


You can always set your camera/phone camera to some certain contrasts. If you're taking pictures of multicolour objects, their shade might disturb the picture quality. Contrasting helps it in getting better, so your picture won't lose shades.

Camera modes 
I had been a big fool not to use them. Camera modes (portrait, land scape, close up etc) are the best way to get a perfect picture. You can change them to the best fit the location. Don't use a close up mode for a portrait or a landscape mode for indoors. They're being designed for a specific shoot.


The most important thing is that you know your camera well. How it works, what's its speciality is and so on. If you don't get familiar with it, it won't do well . So be sure you know your gadget before you give it a try. Cameras can be confusing , especially when with lenses. I am happy with my digital camera so far :)

Hope it helps :) If you have some tips, share it with us/me . Or what camera are you using?

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  1. Really helpful post! I think everyone should know these simple tips:)

  2. Simple tips yet some people can't even get this right! (me, hehe)