Guest Post // Pastel Roses & Glitter Gradients

Hi guys! I'm Amy, from the nail art blog Little Tip Off, and I'm really excited to be guest posting for freshbeautyxox. I've decided to create a design to match the pastel colour scheme of Shona's blog, and have added in some roses to tie in with her lovely header image. This design is super easy to achieve, so if you like what you see, give it a go and then let me know!

The equipment:

Ciate 'Pepperminty'
e.l.f. 'Dream Maker'
Models Own 'Utopia'
Models Own 'Apple Pie'
Butter London 'Molly Coddled'
Rimmel 'Pompous'
Rimmel 'Grey Matter'
No. 7 'Totally Teal'
Essie 'Good To Go'
Fine nail art paintbrush
Makeup sponge

I used Ciate 'Pepperminty' as a base for my thumb, middle and little finger nails. The quality of this brand means you can get away with two coats, if not one. It also dries really quickly, so there's less chance of smudging! I used Butter London 'Molly Coddled' on my index and ring finger nails, which is also a wonderful polish to work with, as Butter London is a fantastic brand. Once dry, I created a gradient on my purple nails using a makeup sponge. I painted a stripe of 'Molly Coddled' across the top, and a stripe of 'Pompous' below it. Then I dabbed it on the tips of my nails. I repeated the process to ensure the finish was opaque, and when dry, I created another gradient - glitter this time - using 'Dream Maker'. To achieve a glitter gradient, you simply apply one coat to the top three quarters of your nail. Once dry, you apply another coat to the top half of your nail. Finally, you add another coat to the very top of your nail. This technique is really simple, but extremely effective! 

For my pastel rose nails, I blobbed on 'Molly Coddled' and 'Utopia'. I then added a few leaves using 'Apple Pie', which is part of the Models Own scented collection. For the details, I used a darker shade of the corresponding colour, and carefully formed petals using a fine nail art paintbrush. I like to refer to this method as 'commas and full-stops', because you simply add little curves or dots wherever you feel necessary. I used 'Totally Teal' for the extra details on the leaves. Once complete, I neatened everything up using nail polish remover. Then I topped off my manicure with Essie 'Good To Go', which dries super fast and also seals in the design. 

What do you think? Thank you so much for reading my guest post for freshbeautyxox!

Amy x

Twitter: @amykilv
Instagram: littletipoff


Thank you so much Amy for guest posting on my blog! I am in love with this nail design and I love that it is inspired by my blog design, I will definitely have to try and recreate this one day!


  1. Absolutely stunning and the little glitter makes it even more special! Xx


  2. Holy mother of all things sparkly.. that's GORGEOUS!!

    I also tagged you in the Would You Rather tag. http://vondork.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/the-would-you-rather-tag.html

    Amy xo

  3. Beautiful! :D

    Luna Merza