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Hey wonderful people! I'm Sarah from Those Stars That Shine and I thought today's post could be a wishlist - it is getting closer to Christmas after all. I've recently been struggling with ideas of what I want for Christmas, and if you are too then maybe this post will help you.

I wanted to add a couple of clothing items in this wishlist, since I won't be asking for all beauty - 98% beauty, 2% other stuff. The shoes are by Faith full price they are £75 - an amount I wouldn't really want to spend on a pair of shoes. But they keep coming into the sale - so y'know you could potentially get them for a bargain!

The second item of clothing is a leather jacket. I've wanted a real leather jacket for so long, but wasn't all to fond of the £100+ price tag. What better time to get one than Christmas? ASOS have so many leather jackets, a few of the brands that do jackets that I like are; Free People, The WhitePepper, Whistles and Oasis. Leather Jackets go with pretty much everything so the price you pay for one is well worth it.

The make-up bits I'm really wanting to get a hold of this year are an Illamasqua blush - literally I have no idea about any colours that I want. The Illamasqua blushes look so amazing and all I want is to own one. Next up make-up wise is the NARS A/W palette - it costs around £36 and looks beautiful. I don't own much high end make-up so I feel that I need this in my life.  Next up is the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, why wouldn't you want a book about make-up. I mean come on, a book about make-up and everything about it? I know I want it, so why don't you?

I'm not really sure what to classify the last two item under, but one of them is the Laura Mercier Body and Bath duets - one is Almond and Coconut and the other is Creme Brulee. This just looks so luxurious, and like bath time would be absolutely amazing. The final item is the This Works Dream Team Sleep Duo, or something similar to this, I really struggle to get to sleep at night and I almost never have a good night sleep. I think one of my friends is planning on getting me this - at least I think she is( I slipped her a few ideas, hehehe).

What are you asking for Christmas? 


Thanks Sarah for guest posting for me! I loved this Wishlist and I actually want the This Works Dream Team Sleep Duo as well!

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