Christmas Gift Guide // Last Minute Shopping on a Budget

Unlike Shona, who only had one more present to buy when she wrote the Under £10 Christmas Gift Guide a couple of weeks ago, I have a more laid-back approach to Christmas shopping.
And when I say laid-back what I really mean is unorganised.  I tend to leave everything to the last minute and then stress out about the fact that I haven’t saved up enough money to splash lots of cash on my friends and family.

And I can’t be the only one.  So with this in mind I’ve put together a Christmas gift guide especially for those who are short on time and money – check it out below!

Mini Gumball Machine | £3.95 | Buy it here
Candy Store Coin Purse (various colours) | £8.00 | Buy it here
Penguin Handwarmer | £6.00 | Buy it here
Champneys Spa Indulgence Distant Shores Travel Collection | £12.00 | Buy it here

 ‘Go Away I’m reading/tweeting/editing’ Mug | £11.95 | Buy it here
Touch Glove for iPhone | £8.99 | Buy it here
Nivea Men Sport Gift Set | £6.00 | Buy it here
I Before E Book | £5.99 | Buy it here

I recently moved to London and the thought of doing my Christmas shopping in the capital for the first time left me feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and I hadn’t even left the house yet! I told my friend and she emailed me over this London shopping guide – you basically choose which shops you need to go to and it tells you where to find them.  So much easier if you’re new to London or want to head somewhere other than Oxford Street!
Hopefully these ideas are helpful and you guys can get your last minute shopping done before the big day arrives.  Although next year we’re going to be so much more organised aren’t we? Right?!
Note: All the gifts listed above are my personal recommendations and are not sponsored.  All prices are correct at the time of writing (Nov 2013.)


Beverley is a travel lover and writer currently working at an online marketing company in London.  You can find her on twitter here. As Beverley stated above this post is not sponsored at all despite the fact that she works with a marketing company, I needed guest posters and being a fellow blogger Beverley had some great ideas so I said yes! Hope you enjoyed the post, I definitely did!

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