Top 5 Blogs // Collab w/ Tattooed Tealady

Me and Sophia have now been doing these collab posts for about 5 months now and we've had so much fun writing them! This is the penultimate one, we thought it would be nice to end the series of collaboration posts in the last month of the year so look out for that post in December.

For this post though we've picked our Top 5 Blogs, I've spent weeks trying to pick mine and it has been so difficult! I love so many blogs and wish I could feature all the blogs I follow but unfortunately I can't. I've picked 5 that I always go back to and that I just love generally, also I think the people behind the blogs are fab! Good job I also do my Friday Favourites posts so I don't feel as bad for leaving out some more of my favourites, I'm sure you'll see them in my upcoming posts!

In no particular order...

Adrienne's blog, The Sunday Girl, has been a favourite of mine for quite a while now and it's a blog that I check daily. If you are looking for beauty reviews or beauty news then her blog is the place to go. If I'm looking for a product review she has most likely reviewed it which is great as I trust her opinion a lot. Adrienne posts several times a day which is so impressive and I applaud her for her dedication to her blog! If you don't already follow her blog you can find it here.

Another blog that I always go back to is Fee's blog, Makeup Savvy. I love looking for a bargain so love Fee's posts about the beauty bargains she's found! Her blog is just so pleasing to read as well, her photos are clear and pretty and I really love the structure of her posts, they are easy to read and you can easily find what you are looking for. Her blog is just so visually pleasing whilst being full of opinion and information on beauty products, I especially love her nail polish posts! If you don't already follow Makeup Savvy you can do so here.

My next favourite is Becky's blog, Becky Bedbug! Becky is such a down to earth girl and this really comes through on her blog. I love the variety of posts she does on her blog and her personality shines through. I especially love her OOTDs as well, she has great style and she looks amazing in all her outfits! Also she does quite a few posts that are very unique to her blog like her series where she reveals some of what she wrote in her diaries when she was younger, I'd really recommend that you read the posts! I generally just think Becky and her blog are fab, definitely go over and follow her!

Another blog that is one of my favourites is Becca's blog, Becca's Fashion and Life! Becca is about the same age as me and we get on so well, she is so lovely and incredibly beautiful, I've already mentioned on my blog before about how much I love her hair! Like Becky she is really down to earth and I love having a catch up with her over twitter, hopefully one day we'll get to meet! Blog wise, her photos are clear and so pretty and her posts aren't too long but are still packed with lots of content. Also her blog design is really pretty, she did it herself and actually designs other blogs as well! She is an all round gem, you should definitely go and follow her!

Finally my last favourite is Helen's blog, Beautifully Superfluous. Firstly her blog header is amazing, so colourful and I think it really represents Helen's lovely personality! She does such a variety of posts, from reviews to hauls. I really love her Hey It's OK posts though, they are so true and I agree with most of what she writes! Helen is such a lovely person as well and I love chatting to her on twitter, this is another blogger that I'm yet to meet but hopefully that day will come soon! Follow Helen here.

Let me know one of your favourite blogs below!

Don't forget to go over and read Sophia's picks here!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Thanks you sooo much for the lovely mention, so glad you like my blog especially how it looks as I always think it's not right for some reason!

    How pretty is Beautifully Superfluous's blog header!

    Fee x

    1. I love the layout and structure a lot and I'm sure everyone else does :) Beautiful isn't it! So colourful and pretty :) xx