The Military Trend

If you've been reading my blog recently you've probably seen that I'm loving the Military fashion trend at the moment! I've gotten myself a new military inspired coat and I've been drooling over boots in New Look, this is one trend that I really am embracing! It's a trend that both men and women can love as well!

It would seem that the Military fashion trend started becoming popular after the First World War when the trench coat was introduced. It was adapted from military use and quickly became a stylish and functional choice for people. When the war broke out soldiers needed something to keep them as dry as possible and the well known brand Burberry stepped up and created something to help, the trench coat. I won't bore you with you all the details but if you are interested in learning more about this, read this.

Obviously boots played a massive role in soldiers uniforms being adapted for everyday wear. When I say Boots you are probably thinking about those fur lined wedged ones you saw in Topshop last week but obviously there are still more practical options out there that really do mirror what soldiers did and still do wear in the army! Magnum Boots  offer a massive selection of boots for those who want a more practical and sturdy option, thinking of Christmas coming up soon as well, do you have a man in your life who could do with some long lasting shoes? I know my dad who works out outside a lot could do with some boots like them! Of course a lot of us girls would probably prefer a more stylish option, possibly a shoe with a heel or wedge!

Here are some of my military trend picks!

skirt | blazer

coat | dress

Do you like the military trend or do you prefer a different fashion trend?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. love this trend!


  2. I love this trend, but have not had much luck finding something I like with good quality. It's really interesting to know where the trend came from, and I love combat boots their my go to shoes in the winter. xx

    1. I was about to recommend some places to get some nice clothes but then I remembered you aren't from the UK :( It really is, I spent a good hour or so reading up on it, I could have written a whole post just on the history! I love them too, I haven't got a pair this year though :( xx