TAG // I'm a Beauty Blogger, Get me out of here!

I'm such a big fan of the show I'm a celebrity, get me out of here! so when I saw this tag on Kirstie's blog, A Yellow Brick Blog, I knew I had to do it! This tag was created by Rochelle and Natasha from, Next-Route-Style. I used to hate doing tags but recently I've been doing a lot more so hope you don't mind but this one really is great, I couldn't resist!

You can only take one product into the jungle. What item would you choose and why?
My Nivea Hydrocare Lip Balm because I get so annoyed and angry when I have dry lips so I wouldn't last an hour without it in the jungle!

What would be your main pre-jungle worry?
Jumping out of a helicopter. There is no way I would ever do that, never ever.

You only have 5 minutes to get ready before going into the jungle, what would be your quick beauty routine?
I'd tie my hair up, spray it with hairspray, slap on some moisturiser quickly all over my body and then apply lots of deodorant. Also I'd brush my teeth, I don't think I'd apply makeup!

Last year we saw Helen Flanagan wearing her hair in a top bun. What would be your signature hairstyle?
Exactly the same, except less neat and with more frizz! My hair is so frizzy anyway so any heat or humidity is just going to make it double in size. My hair is also really thick so in the heat I'm sure I wouldn't want it resting on my neck. If my hair was long enough though I'd put it in 2 plaits.

For moral support, which female celebrity would you like to be in the jungle with you?
I wouldn't bring in a celebrity, I'd bring my Mum!

Everyone's given a role in the camp. What lifestyle skill would you bring to the jungle with you?
I don't tend to shout or get angry or start any fights or arguments so maybe I could be the peace keeper?

What one thing about being a beauty blogger sometimes makes you want to scream 'Get me out of here'?
Probably the hate and negativity that some people bring to the community, it is enough to drive anyone away! Don't worry this isn't me saying I'm going anywhere but it drives me crazy as there is no need for hate unless it is constructive criticism, that can be quite helpful!

Challenge- this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You're up for a trial to face your fears or try something new, what would you choose to do and why?
I think surviving in the jungle with hardly any food and no real beds etc would be a big enough challenge for me in itself really! Just getting the plane there would be something new for me though and I'd be facing my fear of flying so I guess just flying there, that would be the challenge I'd do! 

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Shona x


  1. Ah what a great tag! I think I may have to do this (even though I haven't been tagged lol). I don't usually watch much tv but I've been hooked on this years I'm a Celeb. Just how hot is Kian Egan?! Hehe.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  2. This is such a cool tag, definitely want to do it too! I agree about negativity in the blogger community, there is just no need for it! Luckily nearly everyone is so lovely all the time! Great post :)

    1. You should definitely do it, tweet me the link if you do! There are so many lovely bloggers out there that most of the time you can ignore the negativity :) xx

  3. I love reading these tags :) I'd bring my mum too, haha!
    Elise - www.elisedopson.com

  4. This is a great tag! Loved reading your answers! Will definitely do this myself xx

  5. Great answers! Love your 5 mins pre routine & answers 6 & 7; we like a positive peace keeper :-)

    Thanks for taking part; look forward to next week.

    Please can you add your blog link as a comment on our blog post so more people can check out your fab answers.

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Thank you! I'm just typing up my answers for the second part :) x