Paint on some Glitter for Christmas

We all know how much of a pain glitter nail polish can be, it seems to take years to get it off your nails! For this reason I usually avoid it but at Christmas I love piling on layers of glitter nail polish and making my nails sparkle like a twinkling Christmas tree! These are just a few glitter nail polishes that I love, they are perfect for this time of year. 

First up is this Barry M Nail Polish in Gold Mine Glitter, a very fitting name I think. I've had this for quite a while now but I still love it as much as I did the day it caught my eye in Boots! I love black nail polish but for me it can sometimes be a little too plain so this is perfect for adding a bit of excitement to your nails. Gold is the perfect colour to sport around Christmas as well, I love green and red but gold is definitely a bit more glam! This is a more subtle glitter nail polish also, you aren't going to blind anyone with sparkle but it will look amazing.

Barry M Nail Paint in Gold Mine Glitter | £2.99 | Buy Here

Sinful Colours is another affordable brand that does great glitter nail polishes! This particular one is called I Miss You and it is packed with purple and silver flecks of glitter and sparkle. When this catches the light it looks stunning, this certainly is more of a statement nail polish! Whilst it is difficult to remove on the plus side it does stay on for a good length of time without chipping, up to a week sometimes. For only £1.99 this is a great affordable glitter nail polish that would see you through the Christmas and New Years period.

Sinful Colours Glitter Nail Enamel in I Miss You | £1.99 | Buy Here

Finally the last one I have to show you is from Barry M again, this time in the shade Pink Sapphire Glitter. This is nail polish that really is going to sparkle, shine and generally just look amazing on your nails. It is full to the brim with pink and silver glitter and also silver confetti shaped bits that have a holographic look to them. It is such a pain to remove but your nails are sure to stand out over Christmas with this painted on!

Barry M Nail Paint in Pink Sapphire Glitter | £2.99 | Buy Here

Let me know below what are some of your favourite glitter nail polishes!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. I love the purple glitters from Sinful Colours - it's a little bit unusual from most of the other glitter polishes you see at the moment :o). Xx


    1. They do some great unique ones like you say and the price is amazing! xx

  2. Grrr just left a rambling comment and didn't select the account!

    I'm such a fan of glitter nail polishes! Like you I seem to pile on the glitter every time I paint my nails at Christmas :) I love the Sinful Color glitter polishes.. I feel I need to collect them all because they are so cheap! So 'I Miss You' will be bought soon enough.

    Fee x

    1. I did that last week, except I pressed Sign Out instead of publish!

      I think Glitter nail polish is a vital part of Christmas haha :) I definitely need to pick up more of their Nail Polishes, they are all so pretty and like you say so cheap! You'll have to let me know how you get on with it :)

  3. That purple glitter is gorgeous, I can't believe it is only £1.99! x


    1. I couldn't either! They have some other really stunning ones as well :) xx

  4. Love glitter polishes, the sinful colours one is gorgeous xx

  5. These are so Christmassy! I love it! How wearable are they?? Beth xox


    1. I'd say the first 2 are the most wearable and the last one looks best as a accent nail :)xx