Hidden Fashion Khaki Military Style Jacket/Coat

One thing I love doing every Autumn and Winter is buying a new coat/jacket and if I can get it quite cheaply then I'm even happier! Nearly 2 months ago Hidden Fashion sent over some amazing boots (post here) for me to feature on my blog and I fell in love with them! So the first site I went to, to find a coat, was Hidden Fashion as I knew I could get one quite cheaply but that it would also be great quality.

I came across this Khaki Military Style Jacket/Coat and fell in love with it instantly! I'd been looking for a nice and affordable military style coat for a while so snapped it up straight away!

It is a little lighter in real life compared to the online image but not by much at all so that really isn't a problem. I'm not a massive fan of the two Velcro patches on it but not enough for me to hate or even slightly dislike the coat! I did fear that the arm length wouldn't be long enough to suit my arms but they are only a little too short for me which I can deal with.

For only £12 this is really good quality, it keeps me nice and warm and dry whilst also looking quite nice! It doesn't look as nice done up though so I'll usually just keep it open, it is great paired with a jumper! 

Overall once again I am over the moon with this item from Hidden Fashion! If you haven't taken a look at their website yet you really should!

Long Sleeve Khaki Army/Military Velcro/Pocket Detail Jacket // £11.99 // Buy Here 

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. You can't go wrong with an army style jacket! I've lost count at the amount I've bought over the years :)

    1. you really can't, it goes with everything! Definitely want to get a camo one as well :) x