Haul // Everything5Pounds, ASOS and Asda

I know I only did a haul the other day but I have no idea what else to post today and all of my other online orders have arrived now, I can't resist sharing my purchases with you. This time it isn't just ASOS that I've bought from, you'll be happy to hear, but this haul does include lots of bargain buys again. I've finally finished shopping for a little while now, I should think whilst I'm recovering after my operation I'll get bored and do some online shopping though!

The first thing I bought was this stunning dress from Everything5Pounds, so yes it was a bargain at only £5! When buying dresses I always worry about whether they will be see through so buying online is always hit and miss for me when it comes to that. I can happily say though that this dress is perfectly opaque, it is however a bit short. For someone of a more average height it would be find but with my long legs it does make it too short for tights. With it being Winter though I don't mind wearing leggings with it. It could do with being a little bigger around my waist but other than that it fits perfectly and really makes my figure look a bit nicer. It might be a bit summery but I do really like this dress overall and for £5 you can't really complain!

Next from Everything5Pounds I picked up some leggings, more I know! I promise you these are different though, they are extra thick and fleece lined. They are really quite cosy and perfect for lounging around in with a big jumper to match. I would recommend them but definitely size up! The biggest size they do is 10/12, they do stretch easily but it would have been good if were a little bigger. I'd say don't order these if you are over a Size 10/12 as they probably won't fit unfortunately. I am very happy that I ordered them though as they are really warm and a steal at £5!

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Finally from them I picked up this Black Jumper with little gold Tigers on (I think?). I liked the simplicity of it but it was nice enough to dress up a little rather than just pairing it with leggings and my slippers! I got the biggest size so it was baggy, it could do with being a little bigger though so again size up with this. For £5 the quality of it is good and I can't see the little Tigers falling off any time soon! Again this is another good buy from them, I'll definitely be making another order soon.

Then from Asda I picked up these adorable PJ bottoms! The outside is a fleece material which doesn't appeal to me too much but I can live with it and it has little Panda heads on it which are really cute. I like that the bottom of them are cuffed as well, this keeps the heat in more! I picked these up for when I go into hospital as last time I froze at night and that was in the Summer! These were only £6 which I thought was pretty good for the great quality, I love Asda's clothing range.

Finally, I did buy more leggings from ASOS, I said I would and I did! I bought the same ones but in the colour Rust this time. Like I said before these are just perfect, they are long enough for my legs and fit me well. This time there is a bonus though, they aren't see through! I really love this colour as well and might even consider wearing them out. I did pay a little more this time, these were £8 but I think it was worth it.

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Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. How cute are those PJs!!!! xxxx

  2. Oh my goodness that dress is gorgeous, you'll look lovely in it! x


  3. It really is so pretty, aww thank you lovely xx

  4. I love the jumper! Can't believe it was £5! x


    1. I couldn't either! I've been wearing it non stop! x