Friday Favourites #5

Friday favourites is a post I do every Friday where I share some bloggers and blog posts that I've been loving during the week! Enjoy!

Photo credit to Fee- taken from here

Since doing a post about some of my favourite glitter nail polishes I've been adding more and more to my wishlist, they are appealing to me so much! One that I've add to my wishlist now is Barry M's Rose Quartz which is the beautiful nail polish featured in one of Fee's, from Makeup Savvy, latest posts. It looks so elegant and whilst it is sparkly it is also subtle, perfect for sixth form! The pink she used as well is from Sinful Colours, one of my favourite brands at the moment, so I might pick that up as well! Also how could you not want to own this nail polish purely from Fee's amazing photography? If you don't already follow Fee's blog you can do so here and read the post here.

Hannah's blog, Midnight Violets, has always been a favourite of mine but more so recently. I've bought so many products off of her recommendations and I haven't been let down by any of them yet! Her reviews are structured in the same way each time which I love, I always know what to expect and I know that her reviews will always be full of information alongside great, clear photos. Also I really love her new series, Own Brand Adventures, as there are some great own brands out there that really do get neglected just because they are own brands! Her blog is just a joy to read and if you don't already follow her, take a look here!

Onto another blog post that I've loved this week! Recently one of my best blogging (and real life) friends, Hannah, posted about these amazing Lavender Hunter Wellies! I haven't owned a pair of Wellington Boots since I was very little yet this post alone has made me want a pair. I've always thought of wellies being quite unattractive and made just for gardeners but these are so pretty. Check out Hannah's blog here and read the post here.

Photo Credit to Alexandra- take from here

For a while now everyone has gone crazy over the Ted Baker Wash Bag and Cosmetics Bag, me included but the price of them has completely put me off purchasing them. They are beautiful but I personally won't pay more than £5 for a makeup bag! When I saw Alexandra's post pop up on my blogger dashboard my eyes lit up, she'd found a cosmetics bag and a wash bag from Asda that are so similar and only £4 and £5! When I'm next in Asda I'll definitely be picking up one of them! Read the post here and follow her blog here.

During a blogger chat this week I came across Valerie's blog Ohhval and found a new favourite! Valerie is from California, the lucky thing, I don't follow that many American beauty blogs for some reason but I really love this one! Her blog design is so clean and perfect, a nice blog design really draws me in. Her photos are clear and generally nice as well, another element that will convince me to follow your blog. I just really love her posts as well, they aren't too long yet they are full of opinion and product information. Overall I just really love Valerie's blog! You can follow her here.

Ellie's blog, Ellie's Ramblings, has been a favourite of mine for a while so I was over the moon when she started making youtube videos! Recently though I have specifically been loving her Florida Vlogs from her holiday to Disney. I've never been to Disney in America or France so I love watching and reading about others experiences. I really recommend that you subscribe to her channel and go and watch the vlogs, the whole Disney experience just seems magical and it is always nice to see others have fun!

That's all my favourites for this week, hopefully you've found a new blog, or youtube channel, to follow today!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. I love Hannah's blog! Had no idea you were doing this series as I haven't had time to read blogs in what feels like ages, so lovely of you :) xx

    1. It is fab isn't it! Aww, I love doing these posts, always nice to share the love around :) xx

  2. I loved Fee's nails too, it actually went and made me put the Essie polish on my Christmas wish list haha :) Such a pretty look! xx


    1. It made me buy the Barry M and Sinful Colours Nail Polish today haha :) xx

  3. I love the nail varnish photo, it's a gorgeous colour!