Friday Favourites #4

Friday favourites is a post I do every Friday where I share some bloggers and blog posts that I've been loving during the week! Enjoy!

Recently my internet big sister Bex, who blogs over at I Always Believed in Futures, created a second blog called Keene On Saving all about saving, budgeting and all things money! I'm always trying to find ways to save a bit of money or get things a little cheaper so I can't wait to see what Bex has to say, she already has 4 posts up for you to read! Anyone who loves saving money etc will love Bex's new blog, you can follow it on Blog Lovin' here.

Recently the lovely Emily emailed me after finding out about my upcoming surgery to help fix my Scoliosis, she had a similar operation to the one I'll be having and it was great to talk to her! I really do love it when other bloggers with Scoliosis tweet or email me, it is really nice that we can all support each other! I also started having a little nosy around on her blog and I really love it! I especially love her blog design, take a look at her blog here! I really recommend that you go over and take a peek!

Photo credit to Kate- taken from here

Recently I've been loving reading fashion blogs a lot more, maybe even more than beauty blogs sometimes! Kates blog 'Kates Wardrobe' has become one of my favourites and I love this recent OOTD she did, it is definitely an outfit I'd wear! Also how amazing is Kate's hair? I would love my hair to be naturally that ginger, it was that colour when I was younger, shame it has gone more brown though now! Anyway, you should all definitely go and take a peek at Kate's blog!

Photo credit to Claudia- taken from here

Finally I love this NOTD that Claudia posted on her blog Beauty and the Chic! It is so perfect for Autumn and Winter and think I might have to pick up the 2 Barry M Nail Polishes she used. I love the combination of the two nail polishes, they compliment each other perfectly! Take a look at Claudia's blog here.

Hopefully you have found a new blog to read today!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x