Fashion for Taller Girls

When it comes to fashion you are so very lucky if you are of average height with average length arms and legs, oh how I am jealous of you! For girls who are more petite or tall buying clothes is a whole other ball game though! Apologies to petite girls, I will be talking about fashion for tall women today as I am tall, if you are petite then why not write a post about stores that offer a range for you? 

For me the things I struggle with when buying clothes is getting jeans that are long enough, long sleeved tops/jumpers with a long enough arm length and dresses/skirts that are long enough. Everyone has their different struggles when it comes to buying clothes and these are mine. I really love that lots of clothing brands do tall ranges now but I've only come across one of these ranges in store, they only seem to exist online! I really would love to see tall ranges in appear in stores more as we all know that buying online can be very hit and miss.

Today's post is going to be a little like a wishlist but more me showing you some of the companies that do tall ranges and my picks from them. Enjoy!

Dorothy Perkins | Dorothy Perkins | New Look | New Look

For dresses my favourite places to turn to are New Look and Dorothy Perkins. They do a really great tall range full of lots of beautiful dresses for different occasions that are both good quality and affordable! New Look are probably my favourite place to shop for dresses out of the two just because I've come to know what size fits me well for each style of dress and their online service is quick, I love using their click and collect delivery!

New Look | New Look

For a while now I've been wanting a nice leather jacket so when I was looking on the New Look website and I came across this as I was so happy! It isn't the cheapest of fashion pieces but I imagine it would last me a long while and if the arm length is good then it would be the perfect new addition to my wardrobe! Also I love Parka's so I thought I'd throw in this one I found in the tall range, again on the New Look website, I really think New Look do the best affordable tall range!

New Look | New Look

For jeans I usually go to Primark who do 36" length jeans but I couldn't find any images online so thought I'd show New Look's range here! These jeans are both 36" and are again affordable and great quality. I do prefer Primark's as they are cheaper and you can buy them in-store so if you can get to a Primark I'd definitely recommend that you pick up a pair of their tall jeans, they are about £8-£15!

New Look | Dorothy Perkins | New Look

Jumpers are probably the thing I struggle most with, especially at this time of the year. My arm span is longer than my height so buying anything long sleeved is very difficult, even in the tall ranges sometimes! All 3 of these jumpers are definitely going on my wishlist though! I especially love the Baroque one, not sure if that trend is still in but either way I don't care as it is so nice! Also I've been loving the new fluffy jumpers that have been floating around so I'm so happy to see that New Look do one in their tall range!

As well as New Look and Dorothy Perkins doing a tall range these companies also cater for taller women:


I'm sure there are many more companies out there that do tall ranges, these are the main ones I came across, if you know anymore let me know in the comments and I'll add them in!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I'm petite and it's equally as hard to find clothes that fit just right! I hate it when dresses end at awkward lengths or when jeans bunch up at the ankles D:
    More brands should really offer a petite and tall range (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  2. I'm just like you, jeans especially are never long enough! I get mine from Primark too, but I really want some Topshop ones as well!

    Megan x

    1. I would looooove some Topshop ones! When I stop growing I shall get some! xx

  3. i love the black dress!

    enjoy your weekend:-)
    zofia xo

    1. It would be great for a Christmas party! You too :) x

  4. Great info!!! I am tall too! I'm always searching for the right fit! Great blog:)