Treating Acne with Sk:n Clinics

Sk:n Clinics is a company/brand that I'm more familiar with since writing about their laser treatment that permanently zaps away your unwanted hairs! Honestly if I was a bit older, had a job and could afford it I would definitely go for it, no more shaving? Yes please!

However after looking more on the Sk:n Clinics website I've seen that they actually offer acne treatment! I know acne is something that can stay with you longer than just your teenage years and I have friends who really suffer with confidence issues because of acne so really wanted to talk a bit about what Sk:n Clinics have to offer!

Laser Treatment for acne

The first treatment they offer is Isolaz which is a high-tech laser treatment (sounds fancy!). The laser used has purifying powers which target acne in a pain free way by a skincare expert. For teenage skin and adult skin they recommend a 6 week treatment programme and they claim that even after a few weeks results are already noticeable, the skin becomes clearer and smoother! The results are said to be long lasting. Of course it isn't just your face that can be affected by acne, a lot of people get acne on their back and this can be treated too!
Prices from £130, here.

Skin Peels

Sk:n Clinics also offer various skin peels ranging from the exfoliating gylcolic peel to the acne scarring peel! Skin peels work by removing dead skin cells and encouraging new ones to grow, leading to fresher and more glowing skin! They can treat problems such as wrinkles, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage. The treatment is pain free although some peels can lead to light swelling of the area or peeling for your skin for a few days.
Prices are from £80, here.

Also after having a little look on their website I've noticed they also have a shop on there where you can buy brands like Avene and their own sk:n products!

If you want to hear what others think of sk:n clinics as well including some bloggers take a look here!

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  1. It's so expensive as they recommend a 6 treatment course. I definitely wouldn't be willing to part with that amount of money when there are so many other options for acne out there. Sounds a bit like a gimmick to me when we know that there isn't a definite 'cure' for acne - what works for some people doesn't work for others, etc. x

    1. Of course, I think for teenage skin it might not be a good option but for adults who have been struggling with it for all their lives if it helps even a little it can make a big difference to their lives and I guess you'd never really know until you try it, it is of course a lot of money to part with! I wouldn't go as far to say it is a gimmick but everyone is entitled to their own opinion :) xxx

  2. skin peels are not as effective as the laser treatment but they are for sure less painful!
    Bubble my Licorice

    1. I quite like the idea of having a skin peel! x

  3. really interesting post :)

    im now following you via GFC and id love it if you could check me out sometime :)
    leanne / rainbowsandbeauty.blogspot.com