Life Update // Busy, Busy, Busy!

You may have noticed recently that I haven't been blogging as much and I've even been a bit absent from twitter! It has been about a month since a did a life update post anyway so it was about time I wrote one!

I've been so busy lately! Missing a few days of school has made me miss a lot of work so I've been really busy catching up with that! Sixth Form is definitely not easy and there is a lot of work, it doesn't help that I picked 3 subjects that are all essay based though! I am still enjoying it though! My back has kind of contributed to why I'm been absent recently as well, it has been playing up (due to the weather I think) and so I've started taking my painkillers again which have made me so drowsy, I think I slept for about 18 hours the other day/night!

On the plus side things regarding my operation seem to be moving, I got a date for another pre-op assessment/phonecall/thingy the other day, it's on 21st November so not as soon as I'd like but at least things are moving! It looks like the operation might not be before Christmas now and is most likely going to be next year but I waited 4 months before so I can wait that again!

Also some good news is that I might be discharged from one of the hospitals I go for check ups regarding my Marfan's Syndrome. I have never had any problems with my eyes so they are hoping to discharge me soon, no more evil eye drops for me!

Hopefully I should slowly be getting back to my blogging routine now! Sorry I've been so absent!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. love these :) It must be pretty frustrating, waiting for an appointment. I know this doesn't compare to scoliosis but I need to get tooth surgery before I can get my bottom braces & I've been waiting for 3 months and I'm on the waiting list for another 6 :( It's annoying cause I'm going to have my braces on longer (and they're not fun!)

    niamh xx


    1. Thanks! Physically it doesn't but with the waiting it certainly does, in life we do have to wait but waiting months for something like an operation is a bit ridiculous! I hope you get your tooth surgery soon Niamh! xx

  2. It's probably best to have the op in the Summer next year after exams, my best friend had hers last year at the beginning of the Summer and she's so much better now. Xx

    1. That was the plan to have it just after I broke up from school, I was in hospital all ready to have to the op and it was cancelled last minute, I'm in too much pain and it is affecting me too much to wait until next Summer xx

  3. That's great you've heard about a pre op assessment- its a step in the right direction :) Your health is much more important than anything else, so I hope you get some rest, and feel as best as you can soon :)