All Wrapped Up // Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone

I am most definitely one of those people that is rushing around in October and early November already buying Christmas presents! It doesn't hurt to be organised, I've already figured out what I'm getting all my family and friends! To make your job of picking presents for people easier I've got 10 gift ideas tailored to different personalities/interests for you, there is definitely something for everyone!

For the Beauty Queen...
For the all things beauty obsessed girl in your life this Clinique Whole Lotta Gift Set would be perfect! For £20 it comes with 3 Clinique Mini Chubby Sticks in Pudgy Peony, Two Ton Tomato and Voluptuous Violet, they are all 1.2g each. This would be a great way for the makeup obsessed girl in your family to try these moisturising tinted balms!

For the Gaming Geek...
In every family there seems to be a video game obsessed boy (or girl!) and this would be the perfect gift for those with a PC, PS3 or Xbox 360! This gaming headset  also comes in a wireless version so no more getting tangled up in endless amounts of wire! These headphones will enhance any gamers experience and are a must have for any gaming geeks out there!

For the Directioner...
Just like the gamers there seems to be a Directioner in every family now, especially those with young teenage daughters! The perfect gift for any Directioner, young and old, this year is their new Our Moment Perfume which now comes in a gift set with a shower gel and body lotion. At £38 it isn't the cheapest Celeb perfume but this gift set is actually the same price as buying the perfume alone so you are technically getting the body lotion and shower gel for free!

For the Wildlife Watcher...
The wildlife watchers in my family are definitely my grandparents, to non wildlife lovers wild bird seed might seem like a bit of a rubbish gift but I know my grandparents would definitely appreciate something like this, I imagine any keen wildlife watcher would be happy to receive a gift like this also as it would encourage nature to flock to their garden!

For the West End Wannabe...
Experiences instead of a physical present are another road to go down if you can afford it as well, it would be a present that the person will remember forever! Why not organise a weekend in London for you and your partner, parent or friend? You can see a West End Show, I'd definitely pick Les Mis, and then spend the night in a lovely Regent Street Hotel before going shopping the next day!

For the Awkward Dad...
I feel Dad's are the people that are the most difficult to buy for every year! I feel like you can't go wrong with getting your Dad a good quality, yet inexpensive, watch though! This one from John Lewis is really nice and well priced at only £35. 

For the Little Sister that missed out on the fun of Cat's Cradle...
When I was in Junior School me and my friends would spend all our time using string to create lots of different patterns, I really feel for the 9 year olds out there that don't know what a cat's cradle is! If I had a little sister she would definitely be getting this for Christmas, it is just over £6 from John Lewis!

For the Mum that is rushed off her feet...
I don't know about your Mum but I know mine is already busy all the time thinking about Christmas whether it be the xmas dinner, presents or decorations! Every Mum needs some time to relax so this Soap & Glory Relaxstation Gift Set is the perfect gift for all those deserving Mum's out there!

For the Little Ones...
OK so maybe the family and friends of the newborn baby in your life will enjoy this gift the most but still, how adorable is this John Lewis Reindeer Sleepsuit? This is possibly the cutest baby's Christmas outfit I've seen in a while and would make a fab gift!

For a Personalised Finish...
To add a special personalised touch to your chosen gift head over to Paper Themes and get yourself some personalised wrapping paper! You can personalise the paper with your recipients name which is pretty cool! Cut out the need for gift tags with this personalised wrapping paper this year!

Hopefully I've given you some gift ideas!

Thanks for reading.
Shona x

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  1. Oooh! I hadn't heard about the One Direction perfume. That sounds like a good present for my niece who is massively into them. And it's pink, too, bonus! (They clearly know their target market :P)

    1. Definitely sounds like a fab present for her! They certainly do haha, screaming female teenagers! xx

  2. I love this idea! Nicely put together and will definitely be looking into the Chubby Sticks...maybe as a pressie for mahself..hmm

    1. Thanks! I did think about maybe treating myself to them haha...hopefully they'll be on sale after xmas! :) x

  3. Hello I nominated you for the versatile blogger award! I love your blog so much!


    1. Thank you lovely! I don't do these 'tags' on my blog but I do appreciate you nominating me! xx