Looking for a new blog to read? // September Advertisers

It's time to share with you this month's lovely advertisers! Every month you can find my advertisers blog buttons in the sidebar but I think it is nice to share a bit about their blogs with you so you can get to know them a bit more! This month I've got 5 blogs to share with you...

This month's first Platinum Advertiser is the lovely Gillian who runs weegillie.com. As Gillian's blog name would suggest she writes about a little bit of everything really! Gillian is a qualified Nail Technician as well, if you are a lover of Gel Polish you'll like this post! Also if you are a fan of Balance Me products then you'll love that Gillian has done a blog post all about the brand's arrival at Debenhams, the post even includes all of the stores you can find the brand in, very helpful, you can read it here!
You can follow Gillian on Blog Lovin', Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and GFC!

My next Platinum Advertiser is Casey from A Topsy Turvy Blog! Casey's blog is simple but I really like her posts. Her pictures are clear and her posts are short and sweet but she still crams in everything you need to know. Her most recent post features two beautiful Nars Blushes, sooo pretty! She also recently did a post on a little trio of products that she loves including some blogger favourites, just like me Casey's love the Dior BB Cream! Casey's post may be short but sometimes that is what you want!
You can follow Casey on Twitter, Instagram and of course GFC!

My first Gold Advertiser for September is MissLJBeauty! Laur's blog is jam packed full of Tags, Wishlists, Hauls and more! She has recently just posted a little giveaway as well! I love that she does lots of tag's on her blog because it is always nice to learn a little more about the blogger behind the posts!
You can follow MissLJBeauty on Blog Lovin' and Twitter.

My second Gold Advertiser for September is Molly who runs What Molly Loves! I've been following Molly's blog for a little while now, I really love it! Molly's blog is a bit like mine, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog! I love it when blog's offer a bit of everything. Her pictures are clear and I love her detailed reviews. Molly is a fairly new blogger as well, she started in February, her blog has done really well for someone who has only been blogging for about 7 months!
You can follow Molly on Blog Lovin', Instagram, Twitter and GFC! Also check out her Blog Sale.

Finally this month's Silver Advertiser is the lovely Ashleigh who runs Ashtagbeauty! Ashleigh is a very new blogger, she only started blogging in July! I have completely fallen in love with her blog though! I really love her simple blog header and she does a really nice variety of beauty posts with some tags thrown in here and there! I can really see Ashleigh's blog growing a lot over the next few months, I love it!
You can follow Ashleigh on Blog Lovin', Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and GFC!

I hope you've found some new blogs to read, I know I have!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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