Life Update // New Hair, Sixth Form and Blogging

I haven't done one of these Life Update posts in a while and there aren't actually any left on my blog anymore! A few weeks back I went through and deleted all of my life update posts and scoliosis journey posts, don't ask why, I'm not really sure! I don't regret doing it at all as that is obviously what I wanted to do at the time but I do love doing these chatty posts!

Firstly lets talk about my hair! Before I went and got my hair cut last Friday I hadn't been to the hairdressers in a few years! I only really had it trimmed and tidied up a bit but it makes such a difference! I had a really nice hairdresser who understood me when I said I didn't want much off the length at all! She also straightened my hair with GHDs and I definitely need to get myself some now!

The next step was dying my hair! I really fancied a change, I was just getting bored of my ginger/brown hair! I do like my natural colour, I just wanted to change things up a little though. The first attempt didn't go so great! The box said I'd go light golden/ginger and what I came out with was a really unnatural, fiery red/ginger colour! Now I know your hair won't be the same colour as the person on the box but it was no where near similar in the slightest! It was worse than it looks in the picture but either way the next day I found myself in Superdrug buying some brown hair dye to cover it up! I was only using semi-permanent so all the colour will wash out soon anyway! I went for a light brown shade and my hair is a little lighter and more ginger than the photo shows but it gives you a rough idea of the shade I am now! I really like the final outcome, even if it did take 2 boxes of hair dye to get there!

Next up is Sixth Form! I've been there for about 3 weeks now and I'm really loving it! There have been a few issues, class and form changes but overall I'm happy and glad I picked it over College. I'm loving Sociology the most I'd say but I am enjoying all my subjects! I also have a lot of free sessions, on Friday's I don't even have any lessons! I'd love to know how your first week's of sixth form/college/or just a new year have gone so far!

I also wanted to just quickly tell you a bit about how my blogging schedule is changing! You might have noticed I didn't post yesterday, that's because I'm changing to posting generally every other day for a week or two. I love posting everyday and I do have the time to but I feel like I'm posting too much! If blogging every other day goes well I'll stick with that, hopefully you all won't mind! Also I'm coming up to my 2 year blog anniversary! It isn't until the end of November but I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone!

Finally like I said at the start I deleted all of my Scoliosis Journey posts but I will be continuing to post about my journey as things start up again! I think it will be great for me to look back on and also I hope they will help people who are in a similar position! A few comments did get to me a little about me doing these posts for sympathy but I'm not going to let them bother me anymore! Also I've actually got an appointment tomorrow in London for my heart to clear me for surgery, this is what stopped the operation from going ahead the first time round so fingers crossed I'm all good to go!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Ignore those idiots that made those comments - the rest of us NORMAL people think that it's wonderful you're talking about it. It shouldn't be hushed up wen it could potentially help others in the same position and as it's your blog and your twitter you should be able to do what you want with it and write what you like without criticism. A lot of the people that make those comments aren't even bloggers themselves and they admit to that.

    Anyway - on a more positive note your hair looks GORGEOUS and I'm so glad you've finally settled into college. I've done a bit of sociology and it's a very interesting subject - especially the parts about crime!


  2. That's what I'm doing, just being silly letting them get to me :) Thank you lovely, really appreciate that :')

    Thank you! I really love the colour it is at the moment :) It is so interesting! We are doing about childhood at the moment and I'm loving it!


  3. You really suit the hair colour! It's kind of tempting me to dye mine... It's always so fun to mess around with your look!

    Blogging every day must be so hard though- I can barely manage once a week! I'm really bad at time management :/

    Good Luck with your appointment!

    Niamh xx

    1. Thank you Niamh! I love dying my hair every once in a while, changing your hair colour is such a simple change that can make such a difference!

      I wouldn't say it is hard for me,just because i really have way too much free time, my back stops me doing a lot of things so I spend a lot of my time at home so I have most afternoons and the weekends to blog :)

      Thank you! x

  4. I can't believe people were commenting those things. It is your piece of the internet so do with it as you wish!!
    Glad your first few weeks have gone well - which other subjects did you choose? x

    1. I can't believe most of the nasty comments anyone ever writes online!
      I'm doing Sociology, Psychology and English Language :) xx

  5. Can't believe you've had horrible comments :(
    Sod them! Write what you want to, I'm sure it will help someone :)

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous!:) it really suits you!:)
    Ignore the people who left nasty comments! Your scoliosis posts helped me so much and I wish you all the best with the rest of your journey!:) xx

    1. Thank you lovely! :)
      Aww, thank you, so glad they help you! xxx

  7. I've always liked seeing life updates from fellow bloggers. Loving the new hair color. You look more mature.