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Hello Lovelies,

So as one of Shona’s advertisers this month I thought I would do a little post to introduce myself and what better way than to do a little tag.
I love Tag posts I think they are a really fun way to find out loads of little facts and funny stories all about me. I love reading Tag posts I find them really inspiring too.
The Tag I am going to do today is my Five Product Face.  This was really hard to narrow down just 5 products I chopped and changed my mind loads of times but finally came up with my perfect 5.

The picture above shows my 5 product picks.  I know there is more than 5 showing but below I’ve highlighted specifically what my 5 are and why.

In the MAC quad I have a few eye shadows which I love but for this Tag I’m only using Embark.  I use this to fill in my brows and works for me it stays put all day and it the perfect colour I’ve chosen.  This is my 2nd repurchase and love it.

Next is the Naked Flushed palette.  This is so versatile and contains a bronze, highlight and a blusher.  Again for this tag I’m only using the Bronzer.  I don’t wear liquid foundation and can go without powder but need a little bronzer just to contour my face a little.

(Apologies all the writing is coming off the products just shows how much I use them)

Ok So I always wear a pink lip whether it is bright or light, it's always pink.  I think because I used to have bright vibrant pink hair I could never wear a red lippy so always wore pink, now I'm a brunette I still feel I can’t pull it off.  The Revlon kissable lip stains are amazing.  I love the formula and love that they do as they say and stain your lips.  I can apply this in the morning and still have colour on my lips throughout the day till about 2pm.

I don’t need to tell you all about they’re real as everyone has raved about it.  I have the travel size as I’m trying to cut down the amount of makeup I carry around with me so that 1. It doesn't get smashed about and 2. If I lost my handbag I wouldn't lose fortunes worth of makeup.

The Waterproof BadGal eye liner is amazing – the formula is smooth so it glides on your eyes and doesn't pull. It doesn't quite stay on all day but it does a good job of trying again I can have this on and not budge till about 2pm then a re-application is needed.

So there you have it my Five Product Face.  I hope you like it.

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Thanks for Reading

Thanks Gillian for a great little post! Make sure to check out her blog and social media platforms!
Shona xx


  1. I've sort of fell off the eye shadow trend at the minute, I really need to get back into it all!
    These palettes are a beautiful place to start!

    Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com

    1. I love the shades in the Gillian's MAC palette too :) xx

  2. Nice little tag idea! I think getting travel sized products of your favourites are perfect for your hand bag! I might have to do this tag as well for funz :)

    Kate Xx

  3. I want Naked Flushed palette!