GOSH Volume Lip Shine in Red Stiletto // Review

I'm back again today with another GOSH Cosmetics review! I've been loving trying out some of their products recently and one that has stood out for me is their Volume Lip Shine in Red Stiletto*. I used to be a big lipgloss girl but I suddenly just went off of it completely! Recently I've been searching for the perfect lip gloss as I've been enjoying using them more recently so couldn't wait to try out this one from GOSH!

In the tube the shade appears to be a bold red but it comes out more sheer on your lips but there are definitely still hints of red there, the colour is just more pink on your lips. I personally really like the colour it comes out as and I'm glad it is more toned down than it first appears. Obviously if you are looking for a bold red lipgloss this isn't the one for you, I imagine is would be great for layering over a red lippie though!

I find it lasts on my lips for about 2 hours, then I have to reapply. You can never expect much wear time from a lipgloss though as they slip and slide around on your lips easily. If you want a lipgloss that is more long wearing opt for a lip cream which are usually matte, they have a much longer lasting time.

Also the formula of this lipshine is gorgeous! It claims to leave your lips feeling soft and supple and I think it does. I really struggle with having dry lips so finding lip products that look great and keep my lips feeling hydrated is a must for me! This product feels really light and soft on my lips and it keeps them feeling moisturised. The other side of the formula is that it claims to plump up your lips a bit. I don't think it does but I'm actually happy about that as I hate the tingling sensation plumping lip products usually come with!

I think you can all tell by now that I am yet again impressed with the products GOSH have to offer! I have one more review featuring a GOSH product to put up, keep an eye out for it!

GOSH Volume Lip Shine in Red Stiletto* | £7.99 | Buy Here

Are you a lipgloss gal or do you prefer lipsticks?

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