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The one trend for A/W that will never go away are boots, of course styles and colours change but every year it's the one item that seems to stay firmly on peoples wishlists! Everyone wants a nice pair of comfy boots this Winter but not everyone has the budget for Topshop or similar shops, I know I don't! For a little while now I've had my eye on some New Look Boots that are £30, quite cheap for winter boots but still not cheap enough for me so when I came across these cheap winter boots online I knew they had to be mine!

These boots are from Hidden Fashion  which is a website full of clothing and shoe bargains! When things are so cheap everyone gets a little suspicious about what the quality is going to be like but I've been blown away by the great quality of these shoes, which only costs £9.99!

The bottoms of the boots are thick and durable, they also have some grips on them so even during more icy conditions you'll be good to go with these. The inside is lined with a fluffy material that is bound to keep your toes warm throughout the colder months as well. I really love the distressed/worn design of these, when I first tried them on my brother thought they were dusty, I really like the effect though! These shoes come in two colours, my first preference was the brown shade but they didn't have my size so I went for the tan colour and I'm glad I did as I really love them!

These do have a 2" (approx.) heel that is thick and quite flattering for a small heel. Flat boots really don't suit me so I'm happy to have found some boots that have a heel but don't hurt my feet or back! They are really easy to walk in, even on grass, and they don't make really loud sounds on hard floor! Sizing wise I went for a size 8 which is my average shoe size for most shops, upon arrival I think I would have been better with a 7 but with some thick socks I'll be fine!

I couldn't be happier with these shoes and still can't believe they are only £10?!

You can buy them here for £9.99 (free delivery as well!)

Have you bought your winter boots yet?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. I think you're right about boots being on pretty much everyone's Autumn / Winter wishlist! It's great you found a pair that are so inexpensive and also tick the boxes of being durable, comfy, practical and pretty! They look really warm too which is great as I hate having cold feet in the Winter! I think Hidden Fashion is a company I will have to explore myself too! :-) xx

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    1. They are definitely a staple piece in most peoples wardrobes :) They are sooo warm, no one likes cold toes haha :) Definitely, they have some really nice things, my wishlist is growing day by day! xx

    2. LOVE these! Am off to buy as a birthday present to myself, are these tan or brown? Love Autumn so much!

  2. They look really cosy! :)
    I love ankle boots, I'm on the look out for some black ones.

    1. They are soo cosy! You should look on the website on the boots section, they have loads of nice black boots! x

  3. Oh they're lovely! I've been looking out for some cheap a/w winter boots, and I think I will definitely have to have a look at this website! xo


  4. this site is great! unfortuantly i have size 9 feet and they dont stock that size, but the dresses look really nice! thanks for the post! :) x

    1. :( that sucks, I find only bigger chain shops do bigger sizes. The dresses do look equally as lovely! :) x

  5. Oh my goodness, can't believe these were only £9.99! Such a steal - amazing!
    Rachael x
    Rachaeleeno | Beauty, Fashion & Thoughts

    1. I couldn't either, the quality is exceptional for the price! x